2015 UKBC Competitor Dale Harris, HasBean Coffee


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We reached out to each of the 2015 UK Barista Championship competitors prior to their routines, to learn a bit more about them as competitors and coffee pros. We hope you enjoy these interviews!

Name: Dale Harris

Company: HasBean Coffee

Number of years behind the bar: 1.5

Number of competitions: 7

UKBC 2009 – 12th
UKBC 2010 – 2nd
UKBC 2011 – 3rd
UKBC 2012 – 5th
UKBC 2014 – 2nd
UKBC 2015………..

UKBrC 2013 – 3rd

Competition Coffee: La Chorera, Colombia, lot PIT-2404.

Competition Milk: Fresh Milk.


Signature Beverage: see here. 

Box 1 – Liquorice fluid gel

Liquorice infusion
5 sticks of liquorice root
400 ml water
40 grms caster sugar

Crushed liquorice sticks, added to sugar solution, brought to a gentle boil then strained through paper.

Judges mix 30ml liquorice infusion with 9 ground oblate flakes to create a fluid gel

2.5ml per beverage

Box 2 – Caramelised apple syrup

Apple syrup
3 litres of Apple juice (cheap and nasty, no bits of fresh juice)
Reduce to 300 ml to create a thick dark syrup

Muscavado syrup
300 grms caster sugar
100 grms light soft brown sugar
80 ml water

Brought to the boil, then gently simmered and impurities removed.
Judges mix in equal proportions, 2.5ml per beverage.


Box 3 – Malic Acid Solution

C4H6O7 + H20 = Balance, clarity, zero bitterness
1.25ml per beverage

Box 4 – Clove oil emulsion

250 grams of rapeseed oil
20 grams whole cloves
1 vanilla pod and seeds (spilt in half and the seeds scrapped out)

Oil infused over heat for 20 mints, left in contact 12 hours, strained through a paper filter.

Emulsified by judge with Oblate flakes – 1.25ml per beverage.

Secret Weapons: see here. 


Playlist: It’s a surprise to me too

I prefer bluegrass and folk tunes, my international coach and science adviser says this won’t help my chances.

I think honesty and being yourself is important but he says otherwise, because he’s met me.

Routine Theme: Looking at service styles and finding new ways to deliver the message of coffee quality.

Like e-mail.

Total Practice Hours: At least one.

Coach(es): I brought Petesy Williams, National Champion of Ireland 2014 and World almost finalist, along with his shingles, to help preparations and drive performance.

The team at HasBean were happy to have him with us.

Fashion: I work in coffee, I am wearing generic clothes available from a high street store.


Additional notes: I take competition seriously, other things less so.

Social Medias: @acousticcoffee