2015 WBC Competitor Emi Fukahori, Independent, Switzerland

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We reached out to each of the 2015 World Barista Championship competitors prior to their routines, to learn a bit more about them as competitors and coffee pros. We hope you enjoy these interviews!


Name: Emi Fukahori

Company: Independent, now of Henauer Kaffee

Country: Switzerland

Number of years as a barista: 1

Number of competitions competed in: 1

Competition Coffee: Roasted by Henauer Kaffee in Switzerland, an Aricha Natural from Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe, Gedeo.

Competition Milk: Pride & Joy


Signature Beverage: The Three Dimensional Experience
Yuzu water, yuzu Juice, strawberry infusion, and candy floss.

Routine Theme: Life is all about encounters – same with coffee. At WBC in Seattle, I would like to share my encounters with Aricha Natural with coffee mates, lovers and professionals.


Total Practice Hours: 350

Coach/Coaches: My technical trainer and roaster Philipp Henauer. He gave me this great opportunity to enter the speciality coffee world. My icon and mental coach Nina Rimpl, the Swiss Barista Champ 2014. She inspired me upon her preparation for the WBC in Rimini 2014.

Fashion: A black dress with an apron. Simple.

Why do you think you’d make a great World Barista Champion?
I have experienced a path discovering how a cup of coffee can change someone’s life. Coffee gives me endless learning opportunities and keeps me from getting bored – not only coffee itself, but also the coffee community, various methods, and so on. I enjoy going through these so much and love to share these with other people.