2015 WBC Competitor Yoshikazu Iwase, REC Coffee, Japan

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We reached out to each of the 2015 World Barista Championship competitors prior to their routines, to learn a bit more about them as competitors and coffee pros. We hope you enjoy these interviews!


Name: Yoshikazu Iwase

Company: Rec Coffee

Country: Japan

Number of years as a barista: 9

Number of competitions competed in: 6
Japan Barista Championship: Semi-Finalist (2010), 3rd (2011), 1st (2014)
Asia Barista Championship: 4th

Competition Coffee: A Panama Gesha from Ninety Plus Gesha Estates roasted by Honey Coffee Ltd.

Competition Milk: Smith Brothers whole milk or Twin Brooks whole milk.


Signature Beverage: Espresso, Gesha flower syrup, and an apple infusion. The result is something so fresh and attractive with unexpected flavors!

Secret Weapon: The great coffee that I will be using!

1. Crystal Castles – Magic Spells
2. Computer Magic – Everyone Feels That Way
3. Le Crayon – Cosma
4. Sylvan Esso – H.S.K.T.
5. Computer Magic – Running
6. Joris Delacroix – Air France
7. Tycho – Awake


Routine Theme: Outstanding Flavor

Coach/Coaches: Yoshiharu Sakamoto from ACT Coffee Planning, Japan

Fashion: Haven’t quite decided yet.. I know it won’t be a t-shirt!

Additional Notes: I am really excited to be here right now!

Why do you think you’d make a great World Barista Champion?
Because I have been able to  understand what a special, wonderful product coffee is.

Social Medias:
Twitter: @y_iwase