Night of 1,000 Pours: Join Us To Support The ACLU On March 16th

Hello Sprudge readers, and welcome to the 2018 edition of Night of 1,000 Pours, our bi-annual charitable fundraiser. Coffee has the capacity for great moral and civic leadership, and the cafe space remains an incredible hub for sharing ideas, supporting people of all backgrounds, and making the world a better place. We hope you can join us by getting involved in this year’s fundraiser by throwing a party, raising funds in your cafe, designing a poster, or patronizing a business taking part in these events. Together we can do good work.

Last fall we encouraged readers to donate to four really important charities, including the Houston Food Bank, the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, the American Red Cross. This March 16th we’re taking it back where we started as a fundraiser and asking participants to donate to local and national chapters of the American Civil Liberties Union, to support their legal fight on behalf of immigrants from around the world and civil rights here in the United States.

Some of the biggest issues the network of ACLU civil rights attorneys are working on right now include continued opposition to current US President Trump’s proposed Muslim immigration ban, ratification of the Dream Act to protect a generation of young immigrants who are American in all but paperwork, and a nationwide anti-discrimination campaign centered around the Masterpiece Cakeshop case in Colorado. These are just some of the worthy causes the ACLU fights on behalf of on a daily basis, and it’s work we’re proud to help raise funds and awareness for.

In 2017 Sprudge readers raised nearly a half-million dollars to fight against the Muslim ban—a truly monumental effort uniting more than 600 cafes around the country and leading brands across the coffee industry. This time around the ACLU is supporting Sprudge and cafes around the country who want coffee to stand for something more. “Last year in the wake of the Muslim Ban, ACLU staff and members were heartened by the tremendous support for immigrants’ rights and the ACLU in cafes nation-wide,” says Michele Moore, Chief Communications Officer for the ACLU. “These efforts raised nearly half a million dollars and provided a critical investment to our on-going fight to protect and advance civil liberties. Cafes have always been essential gathering places for connecting, sharing ideas and building community—a role that is more critical than ever especially as the rights of our most vulnerable communities are threatened. We are grateful for this groundswell of support will once again champion our work.”

How do you get involved? Cruise over to and get all the information, including an easy step-by-step process on how to register and set up an event, a FAQ, and an updating list of participating companies.

Register today for an event in your area!  We want you to plan a throwdown, a brewing competition, a signature drink exhibition, or any other sort of beverage fundraising event, and donate the proceeds as part of this grassroots effort. You might also choose to donate a portion of proceeds from sales in your cafes, or make a corporate charitable donation. We’ll be featuring original posters created for these events over the next month across our media network, and promoting the heck out of your events, large and small, as they happen nationwide.

Join us for the 2018 Night of 1,000 Pours benefitting ACLU! We’re proud to launch this year’s initiative with the support of the following launch partners:

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Reanimator Coffee Roasters

Joe Coffee

Pacific Foods

Portland Coffee Social Club

Greenway Coffee/Blacksmith/Coral Sword/Morningstar

Everyman Espresso

G&B Coffee/Go Get Em Tiger

Fleet Coffee

Heart Coffee Roasters

Roseline Coffee

Intelligentsia Coffee

Equator Coffees 

Want to join us? Register today and get all the details at the official Night of 1000 Pours website.