Oakland: Coffee Champs Prep Rally With Equator Coffees And The Crown

Equator Coffees and Teas is teaming up with Royal Coffee Importers to throw a weekend pre-United States Coffee Championships Prep Rally at The Crown. “We want all baristas and coffee lovers to feel welcome to this event,” explains Equator Coffees’ Devorah Freudiger, “there will be coffee to drink during the event, snacks and happy hour food and drink. All is free of charge and totally open to all.”

The Prep Rally will offer visitors the chance to watch run-throughs of Barista, Brewers Cup, and Cup Taster’s competitions inside the brand new Royal facilities The Crown. Baristas Meg Skop of Equator Coffees, Naida Lindberg of Verve Coffee, Reef Bessette of The Coffee Movement, and Cris Mendoza of Saint Frank Coffee will run-through their barista routines. Kelly Hill of Temple Coffee Roasters will showcase their Brewers Cup routine while Royal Coffee‘s Chris Kornman and Jen Apodaca will offer a Cup Tasters presentation. To round it all out, Apodaca and Steve Cuevas of Black Oak Coffee will take us through a roasting demonstration.

Naida Lindberg

To wrap up the event, folks are invited to wind down during a chill 5-6PM “happy hour” where one might enjoy a handcrafted beverage and visit with Zachary Carlsen, co-author of The New Rules of Coffee and co-founder of Sprudge. Copies of New Rules will be available at the event.

The Prep Rally kicks off this Saturday, March 2 between 2PM – 6PM. RSVP here!