USBC Competitor Michael Harwood, Ceremony Coffee Roasters

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We reached out to each of the 2015 US Barista Championship competitors prior to their routines, to learn a bit more about them as competitors and coffee pros. We hope you enjoy these interviews!



Company: Ceremony Coffee Roasters
Number of years behind the bar: 10
Number of competitions: 8 comps over 4.5 seasons

2010 SERBC – Did not final (bottom third overall)
2011 SERBC – 1st Place
2011 USBC – Semifinals (came in last. lol)
2012 SERBC – 2nd Place
2012 USBC – 1st Round
2013 SERBC – 3rd Place
2013 USBC – Semifinals (came in 7th overall)
2015 Big Eastern – 3rd Place

Coffee: 3 coffees – Esp.: Colombia Bellavista; Capp: Sulawesi TOARCO Minanga; SB: Kenya Gondo

Milk: Organic Pastures – raw, local to LB


Signature Beverage: A Long Soak with Bubbles

Serves 4.

2 espresso extractions of Kenya Gondo – light espresso profile
16 ml “Kenya process” gomme syrup*
44 ml sparkling water – medium hardness
1 hibiscus flower

* Gomme syrup – 10g hibiscus syrup + 2g gum arabic + 1g acid phosphate + 0.5g sodium glutamate + 2 dashes glycerin-based grapefruit bitters

Place hibiscus flower in flute. Portion gomme syrup, sparkling water, espresso into mixing glass. Stir. Pour over flower.

Secret Weapons: An EK funnel mod.

Playlist: Bonobo – We Could Forever
Bonobo – Cirrus
The Horrors – Still Life

Theme: Main Theme – Matching coffee to beverage to raise guest experience.
Secondary Theme – Hybrids as adaptable quality.

Total Practice Hours: 100 – 125 hours

Coach(es): My partner Roz coached me on scripting, table settings, and dress. My amazing co-workers at Ceremony offered to help wherever needed.

Fashion: RVCA
American Apparel
High Cotton

Trivia: A huge thanks to you all for continuing to grow your coverage of coffee events.

Social Medias: @BlueBarista; (Insta) michaeltharwood