USBC Competitor Trevor Corlett, Madcap Coffee Company

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We reached out to each of the 2015 US Barista Championship competitors prior to their routines, to learn a bit more about them as competitors and coffee pros. We hope you enjoy these interviews!



Company: Madcap Coffee Company
Number of years behind the bar: 13
Number of competitions: 8
7th in the Great Lakes Regional Barista Competition 2008,
22nd in USBC 2008,
3rd in the GLRBC 2009,
22nd in the USBC 2009,
2nd in the GLRBC 2010,
5th in the North Central Regional Brewer’s Cup 2011,
3rd in the North Central Regional Barista Competition 2011,
4th in the USBC 2011,
2nd in the South East Regional Barista Competition 2012,
8th in the USBC 2012,
4th in the SERBC 2013,
3rd in the USBC 2013,
2nd in the SERBC 2014,
3rd in the USBC 2014,
2nd in the SERBC 2015

Coffee: Lake Effect

Milk: TBD


Signature Beverage: The Remix

Components: TBD

Secret Weapons: Madcap

Playlist: TBD

Theme: Everything is a Remix.

Originality isn’t creating something from scratch but deconstructing an idea, reorganizing it, and then recombining it to create something new. Coffee is a remix, blends are a remix, signature drinks are a remix. Embracing this concept has the potential to free us to push specialty coffee’s innovations forward at a greater rate and help us realize we are dependent on one another.

Total Practice Hours: TBD

Coach(es): No. But I have a teammate in Colin Whitcomb, he’s pretty rad.

Fashion: I’ll be repping local DC menswear company Hugh & Crye with an appropriately fitting button down shirt. Hopefully pairing that with pants.

Trivia: Feel the love.

Social Medias: tjorlet