USBC Competitor Trevor Gruehn, Independent

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We reached out to each of the 2015 US Barista Championship competitors prior to their routines, to learn a bit more about them as competitors and coffee pros. We hope you enjoy these interviews!



Company: Independent/Ruby Coffee Roasters
Number of years behind the bar: 9
Number of competitions: 10

Great Lakes Regional 2008 – ?, 2009 – ?
BCRBC 2012 – ?, 2013 – 11th, 2014 – 5th
BCRBrC 2012 – 6th, 2013 – 2nd, 2014 – ?
USBrC 2012 – ?, 2013 – ?

Coffee: Colombia Aguacate

Milk: Strauss Dairy


Signature Beverage:


1 shot Aguacate
2g bourbon barrel aged Wisco maple syrup


1 egg white
100g water
6g gelatin
30g Door County cherry redux

Secret Weapons: My smile. 

Playlist: Aaliyah – Age ain’t nothing but a number
Staple Singers – Lets do it again
Rufus – You got the love
D’angelo – Till it’s done (tutu)

Theme: Age and expectation. Specifically, the uselessness of age as an empty statistic and the danger of not keeping our expectations in check. 

Total Practice Hours: I’m tired. 

Coach(es): My girlfriend Kathryn! I recently left my position with a supportive roasting company about a month before competition. Kathryn has taken over the bulk of the support duties. I love her. 

Fashion: Gustin and Red Wing. 

Trivia: I’m looking for a job and really want to live in Portland. Know of anything?

Social Medias: Variable_coffee/variablecoffee