USBC Eastern Conference Standings—The Final Leaderboard


The Eastern Conference Barista Competition Qualifying Event is a wrap, and we now know the six competitors to receive the much sought after first-round bye in 2016 US Barista Championship later this year in Atlanta. The new 10 minute routine format meant that hot,  hot barista action was coming at breakneck speeds. Blink and you may miss the winning run.

For those competitors that fell short of the top six, there’s still hope. 24 spots are still up for grabs, to be awarded at the end of the week to the highest scoring competitors from the entire East/West field (sans the top six from each, naturally). We’ll have the complete list of 36 USBC eligible competitors here on Sprudgelive in two shakes…

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1. Trevor Corlett, Madcap Coffee, Washington, DC–342

2. Samuel Lewontin, Everyman Espresso, New York, NY–337

3.  Ashley Elander, Intelligentsia, Chicago, IL–328

4. Andrew B. McCaslin, Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co, St. Louis, MO–325.5

5. Lemuel Butler, Verity Resins, Forest City, NC–319

6. Trevor Gruehn, Bradbury’s Coffee, Madison, WI–310.5

7. Jeremy Sterner, Peregrine Espresso, Washington, DC–308.5

8. Marcos Iglesias, BREW Coffee Bar/Raleigh Coffee, Raleigh, NC–307

9. Wolf Barn Marnell, Pavement Coffeehouse, Boston, MA–305.5

10. Radames Roldan, Blueprint Coffee, St. Louis, MO–305.5

11. Nathan Nerswick, Chattahoochee Coffee Company, Atlanta, GA–305

12. Jonathan Moehlig, Land of a Thousand Hills, Roswell, GA–302.5

13. Jon Lewis, Deeper Roots Coffee, Cincinnati, OH–302

14. Michael Harwood, Ceremony Coffee Roasters, Annapolis, MD–294.5

15. Sean Hundley, One Line Coffee, Columbus, OH–288

16. Andrea Allen, Onyx Coffee Lab, Fayetteville, AR–285.5

17. T. Ben Fischer, Stone Creek Coffee Roasters, Milwaukee, WI–281.5

18. Kathie Hilberg, Spyhouse Coffee Roasting Co, Minneapolis, MN–279.5

19. Micah Sherer, Ally Coffee, Greenville, SC–279.5

20. David G. Hall, Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co, Kansas City, MO–272

21. Hadassah Wilson, Square One Coffee, Lancaster, PA–271

22. Matthew Scott, Lemonjello’s Coffee, Holland, MI–269

23. Drew Frohn, Ultimo Coffee, Philadelphia, PA–268.5

24. Levi Roye, Post Coffee Company, Kansas City, MO–268

25. Corey R. Reilly, Counter Culture Coffee, New York, NY–266

26. Abeah Hunter, Panther Coffee, Miami, FL–261

27. Helena Shanks, River Rock Coffee, St. Peter, MN–259

28. Kevin Wilsea, Gimme! Coffee, Ithaca, NY–258.5

29. Nathan Dela Cruz, Anodyne Coffee Roasting, Milwaukee, WI–255.5

30. Jonathen Liu, Blue Bottle Coffee, Brooklyn, NY–251.5

31. Erik Czuprinski, River City Roasters, Wheaton, IL–251

32. Adam Solomon, Joe Bean Roasters, Rochester, NY–249.5

33. Jordan Howe, Arthouse Coffee, St. Louis, MO–247.5

34. Luis Colon, Fuego Coffee Roasters, Rochester, NY–247.5

35. Margaret DeGoosh, Bard Coffee, Portland, ME–243.5

36. AJ Willett, Ferris Coffee, Grand Rapids, MI–242

37. Robert Varner, Sump Coffee, St. Louis, MO–241.5

38. Nathan Cochran, ReAnimator Coffee Roasters, Philadelphia, PA–238

39. Wade Preston, Prevail Coffee Roasters, Opelika, AL–232.5

40. Sam Lipnick, La Colombe Coffee, Washington, DC–230.5

41. Alex Schuster, Dunn Brothers Coffee, Eden Prairie, MN–227.5

42. Courtney Vaquera, Madcap Coffee, Grand Rapids, MI–225.5

43. Timothy Jones, Jubala Coffee, Durham, NC–220.5

44. Erin Swift, Beans and Bagels, Chicago, IL–219.5

45. Anna Rozenberg, Charter Coffee, New York, NY–216.5

46. Stephanie Caronna, La Farm Bakery, Raleigh, NC–216.5

47. Ron Grieco, Stacks Espresso Bar, Albany, NY–216

48. Tracy Gill, Joe Van Gogh, Durham, NC–202.5

49. Jason Mundie, Prevail Coffee Roasters, Opelika, AL–195

50. Christine Goepfert, Filter Coffeehouse, Washington, DC–186.5