2015 UK Barista Championship Info Portal

SprudgeLive’s coverage of the 2015 United Kingdom Barista Championship is made possible by direct support from La Spaziale UK.  All of SprudgeLive’s 2015 barista competition coverage is underwritten in partnership with Square and Urnex Brands

We’re proud to serve as official media partners of the SCAE UK

It’s time for the 2015 United Kingdom Barista Championship.

After a nationwide cycle of regional heats, the very best in UK competitive coffee happens over two days this week in Glasgow, Scotland. This portal gives you all the links, info and direction necessary to play along from home. For barista competition fans, @SprudgeLive on Twitter is a play by play gateway straight to the action. You can also watch along from home via the official SCAE UK Livestream, available via SCAE UK.



Wednesday, march 4th

9am – 4:00pm: UK Barista Championship Semi-Finals (schedule here)

6pm – ??? 2015 Scottish AeroPress Championship presented by Dear Green Coffee at SWG3 (100 Eastvale Place, Glasgow) — free ticket registration here.

Thursday, March 5th

10am – 4:00pm UK Barista Championship Finals (schedule here)

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Watch the UK Barista Championship on LiveStream Courtesy of SCAE UK.

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