2016 Brewers Cup Qualifiers: Michael Schroeder, Oddly Correct, Kansas City, MO

Meet your 2016 Brewers Cup Qualifier competitors. Those who advanced will compete in the 2016 United States Brewers Cup Champion in Atlanta, Georgia from April 14th-17th. Elizabeth Chai was apart of the Sprudge Team during the Kansas City Qualifying Round, photographing each Brewers Cup routine and conducting interviews with every competitor.

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Michael Schroeder of Oddly Correct in Kansas City, Missouri placed second in the Eastern Conference with 159.22 points for his combined compulsory and service rounds. Find out how Schroeder made it to the top in our interview below.

Name: Michael Schroeder

Company: Oddly Correct

Location: Kansas City, MO

Years Brewing in Life and in Work: 2007

Brew Method: Kalita Wave


Coffee: Kenya SL28 Cundina Marca / Colombia La Palma y El Toucan

Brew weight, water volume, and time:

19G (Sifted) / 290ML / 02:35

Astrological Sign: Taurus


Spirit Animal: Totoro

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Celebrity to Brew For: Dave Grohl

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For a complete list of 2016 Brewers Cup competitors and standings, click here. Visit the official United States Coffee Competition website here.

Elizabeth Chai (@chaiamericano) is a graphic designer and freelance writer based in Portland. Read more Elizabeth Chai on Sprudge.