2016 US Barista Championship Round One Schedule

This is the Round One schedule for the 2016 United States Barista Championship, happening on Friday, April 15th in Atlanta, Georgia. This is the “at large” opening round of the USBC, with the top six competitors advancing to the Semi-Finals on Saturday, where they will meet the 12 winners from the Regional Qualifier that took place in Kansas City, Missouri earlier this year. Of those 18, six will go on to compete in the Finals on Sunday.

Our 2016 US Barista Championship coverage on Sprudge Live is supported by KitchenAid Craft Coffee Brewers, Nuova Simonelli, and Urnex Brands.

All times EST. Official Livestream here

1. 9:15 Wolf Barn Marnell, Pavement Coffeehouse @misterbarn @pavementcoffee

2. 9:34 Nathan Nerswick, Chattahoochee Coffee Co., Atlanta, GA @nateners @chattcoffee

3. 9:53 Jeremy Sterner, Peregrine Espresso, Washington, DC @peregrinedc

4. 10:12 Kelly Sanchez, Blue Bottle Coffee Co., Oakland, CA @bluebottleroast

5. 10:31 David Buehrer, Greenway Coffee Co., Houston, TX @greenwaybarista @greenwaycoffee

6. 10:50 Marcos Iglesias, BREW Coffee Bar/Raleigh Coffee Co., Raleigh, NC @brewdtr @raleighcoffeeco

7. 11:14 Ashley Rodriguez, Sightglass, San Francisco, CA @ashcommonname @sightglass

8. 11:33 Isaiah Sheese, Archetype Coffee, Omaha, NE @archetypecoffee

9. 11:52 Sean Hundley, One Line Coffee, Columbus, OH @onelinecoffee

10. 12:11 Michael Harwood, Ceremony Coffee Roasters, Annapolis, MD @bluebarista @ceremonycoffee

11. 12:30 Jonathan Moehlig, Land of a Thousand Hills, Roswell, GA @1000hillscoffee

12. 12:49 Casey Soloria, Intelligentsia Coffee, Pasadena, CA @csoloria @intelligentsia

13. 1:13 Maxwell Mooney, Spotted Cow Coffee, Mill Creek, WA @maxwellamooney @spottedcowmc

14. 1:32 Joel Bigelow, PT’s Coffee Roasting Co., Topeka, KS @ptscoffee

15. 1:51 Leah Shinkle, PT’s Coffee Roasting Co., Topeka, KS @leahshinkle @ptscoffee

16. 2:10 Kathie Hilberg, Spyhouse Coffee Roasting Co., Minneapolis, MN @kathhilby @spyhousecoffee

17. 2:29 Ryan Fisher, Commonwealth Coffee, Denver, CO @phishtopher @commonwealthden

18. 2:48 Micah Sherer, Ally Coffee, Taylors, SC @micahsherer

19. 3:12 Radames Roldan, Blueprint Coffee, St. Louis, MO @radprojection @blueprintcoffee

20. 3:31 Jon Lewis, Deeper Roots Coffee, Cincinnati, OH @deeperrootsdrc

21. 3:50 T. Ben Fischer, Stone Creek Coffee Roasters, Milwaukee, WI @scarfninja1812 @stonecreekcoffe

22. 4:09 Jon French, Old World Coffee, Reno, NV @oldworldcoffee

23. 4:28 Andrea Allen, Onyx Coffee Lab, Fayetteville, AR @andreaarkansas @onyxcoffeelab

24. 4:47 Talya Strader, Equator Coffees & Teas, Oakland, CA @equatorcoffees