2018 London Coffee Masters Day Two Recap

And the fun continues! The 2018 Coffee Masters competition rolls on at the London Coffee Festival, in Day Two action that saw seven individual rounds of competitive coffee melee. We saw mystery cuppings, signature drinks, hand brewed cuppas, and much, much more on the Masters stage. From a rousing opening field of 24 competitors, now just eight challengers remain—and they are:

1. Daniel Horbat, Network Cafe: 67.33 pts
2. Cole Torode, Rosso Coffee Roasters: 60.32 pts
3. Wissem Ben Rahim, Ben Rahim: 58.66 pts
4. Polina Vladimirova, Coffeemania: 57.97 pts
5. Rob Clarijs, Dasawe Coffee Roasters x Beanspirt: 55.5 pts
6. Agnieszka Rojewska: 54.6 pts
7. Petra Strelecka, Industra Coffee: 54.46 pts
8. Claire Wallace, Brew Lab Coffee: 53.5 pts

These eight talented baristas will move on to Quarter Finals at the Coffee Masters, taking place across a series of head to head battles on Saturday, April 14th. They’re hurtling towards an action-packed Finals Sunday, where a winner will be crowned with fame, glory, a spotlight feature on Sprudge, and a rousing £5,000 cash prize.

But for now, let’s look back, shall we, at the very best of Day Two action at the 2018 Coffee Masters tournament at the London Coffee Festival.

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Janis Podins, Coffee Collective

It is a literal head-to-head cupping between and Tomas Misar at Round 1 of

. jumps out to an early 2-0 lead after the cupping portion.

Like an expert safecracker, of dials in the grind for his brew.

This multi-layered sig bev from was simply stunning. The aromatics alone coming off the stage were delightful.

Tomas Misar, Hagen Espresso Bar

Maximum concentration from Tomas Misar getting that brew bed juuuuuuust right.

Emulsify, strain, pour, enjoy. Tomas Miser’s sig bev at somehow outshined his gorgeous glassware.

Phil Groves, Timberyard

No Coffee No Workee. Phil Groves is putting in a lot of workee at the cupping table, because there is a lot of coffee happening right now at .

Phil Groves’ shakin’ and strainin’ his sig bev here at the

Wojciech Tysler, Bewley’s

What’s a person to do while blindfolded, waiting for the judges to mix up the cupping bowls at ? If you are Wojciech Tylser, you ponder while stroking your glorious chin beard.

Where there’s smoke there’s [fire emoji x3]. Wojciech Tysler of ‘s sig bev was definitely [fire emoji x3].

Shinsaku Fukuyama, St. Ali

How good is ‘s brew? Pretty good, says judge .

Some serious sig bev action going on with ‘s multi multi-ingredient drink.

Matteo Colaci, The Bookshelf Coffee House

Matteo Colaci edges out in the cupping round at 3 to 2.

Seriously, you can just put a camera right up in their face and they have no idea. Sorry Matteo!

A wowing apricot caviar sig bev for Matteo Colaci.

This may have been the most beautiful sig bev round thus far at

Kristóf Mayer, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

Cupping coffee is fun. Cupping coffee is fun. Sometimes you just have to keep reminding yourself that cupping coffee is fun and you are having fun cupping coffee.

It’s a plum spirit based (the jury is still out on whether or not this is a Hungarian brandy) sig bev for Kristóf Mayer.

Sam Reed, Stir Coffee

Sam Reed and Kristóf Mayer haved tied at one correct cup a piece for the cupping round.

While Kristóf Mayer is on the other side using the inverted AeroPress technique, Sam Reed is opting for the inverted spoon technique for his brew at

Whipping up something special with this CO2 infused sig bev from Sam Reed here at .

Wissem Ben Rahim, Ben Rahim

Don’t you just love the way the light bounces playfully off the EK43 hopper? No? Just me? Whatever. I think it’s cool.

An ibrik based sig bev for here at

Jennifer Hall, Black and White Coffee Roasters

. leads the cupping round 3-2 over .

Obligatory Black & White Coffee Roasters selfie.

Y’all when I say got her sig bevs down at the last second, I mean she got her sig bevs down at the LAST. SECOND.

Eliasz Minkiewicz, Weanie Beans

The power slurp heard ’round the world. drinks coffee like a heard of angry crickets. Aerating to the max here at

Guinness milk stout based sig bev in lovely snifters for of .

Cole Torode, Rosso Coffee Roasters

Are you there, Coffee? It’s me Cole. Sometimes you have to coax the right answers out of the cup with sweet nothings.

Not to be outdone, Cole Torode of delivers a lovely cocktail-inspired sig bev here at

Best seats in the house right here. Judges David Donde of , of , and Mikaela Wallgren of deliberate over some tasty sig bevs.

Dagne Vaskopa, Rocket Bean Roastery

tfw you picked the right cup at .

Not pictured: plumes of dry ice smoke emanating from each of ‘s sig bevs.

The difference between emceeing an judging, as represented by and Kris Shackman of .

Daniel Horbat, Network Cafe

This is the last blindfolded competitor photo of and honestly, it makes me kinda sad. Is it really coming to an end already? Well, no, we still have two more days of action. But it’s all happening so fast.

Getting it roasty toasty in here with Daniel Horbat’s sig bev.

Thanks for tuning in! We’ll you see tomorrow for live coverage of all the head-to-head action during Round Two of the 2018 London Coffee Masters. Same Sprudge time. Same Sprudge channel.