After an incredible four rounds of competition here at the Quarterfinals of Coffee Masters, we now know who will be making there way to the Semifinal round. It has been a grueling few days for these incredibly talented baristas, facing down the business end of cuppings, brewings, signature beverages, and latte art pours, but these four competitors had their mettle tested, and they passed with flying colors.

The day began with the eight highest-scoring competitors from Round One, who faced off in head-to-head showdowns to see who would move on. But now, with all the coffee grounds settled, there are just four, and the four Semifinalists are:

Daniel Horbat, Network Cafe
Cole Torode, Rosso Coffee Roasters
Agnieszka Rojewska
Rob Clarijs
, Dasawe Coffee Roasters x Beanspire

But let’s take a look back, shall we, at the day that was the Quarterfinals of Coffee Masters and the London Coffee Festival.

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Daniel Horbat, Network Cafe vs Claire Wallace, Brew Lab Coffee

And we’re off! Our first competitors today for the quarterfinals are Daniel Horbat of Network Cafe and Claire Wallace () of

. was the first competitor of Day 1 Round 1 and Daniel Horbat was the last competitor of Day 2 Round 1. And here they are today, competing head to head.

Starting off the morning right with a healthy dose of carbs as both competitors bagel on in the origin portion of

. scanning a world coffee map as she tries to identify the origin of the coffee she is cupping at

Daniel Horbat takes a 2 to 1 advantage in the latte art round. doesn’t award bonus points for not putting dirty barista fingers on the lip of the cup, but I do. Bonus points for Daniel!

Preliminary count for the order round has ahead 8 to 7 over Daniel Horbat. We’ll have the official tally and results shortly.

Legend has it that milk becomes more docile and makes better latte art when you say kind things to it. puts this to the test with a solid 8 drink ordering round.

And Daniel Horbat of Network Cafe moves on to the semifinal of over Claire Wallace!

Cole Torode, Rosso Coffee Roasters vs Petra Strelecka, Industra Coffee

Now up at is Cole Torode of and Petra Strelecka () of

Cole Torode’s guess sheet during the origin cupping round at . He takes an early 2-1 lead.

After hand sorting the coffee for defects, of explains her grind setting to judge Kris Shackman.

For the latte art round, Cole Torode opts for a split shot, allowing him two attempts at pouring. The strategy works as he takes a 2-1 advantage over Petra Strelecka.

Taking a quick peek at the order sheet, gets down an astounding 9 out of 10 drinks, besting Cole Torode by 1 this round.

Cole Torode of moves onto the next round here at !

Wissem Ben Rahim, Ben Rahim vs Agnieszka Rojewska

Coming up to the stage now for the quarterfinals of are Wissem Ben Rahim () and Agnieszka Rojewska ()

It’s a day full of smart aprons. Here, one is sporting the hottest competitor fashion at the

. and each go 1 of 6 in the origin cupping. That puts the total correct today at 5 of 36. This cupping ain’t no joke.

Using a Kalita Wave, brews up something tasty for the judges at the quarterfinal round of

And gets a clean sweep 3-0 in the latte art round, because that’s what 4x national latte art champions do.

When you get handed a latte from latte art champion—and still my pick to take it all down, despite her humility on the subject—, you Gram it before you drink it.

Wissem Ben Rahim puts up an impressive 8 drinks during the Ordering round, but runs into the absolute buzzsaw that is who put up 9.

And moves on to the semifinal round of !

Polina Vladimirova, Coffeemania vs Rob Clarijs, Dasawe Coffee Roasters x Beanspire

Now onto our final quarterfinal round of , our competitors are Polina Vladimirova of and Rob Clarijs of

Polina Vladimirova writing down her origin guesses, getting 2 of 6 right, 1 better than opponent Rob Clarijs. That brings the daily tally to 8 of 48 correct responses in this incredibly difficult origin cupping round.

These are some steamy brews Rob Clarijs is putting down here at the quarterfinal round of

For the final roll of the day, former champ does the honors. He doesn’t so much roll as choose his favorite shape, something you can do as a champion.

Rob Clarijs of edges out Polina Vladimirova of in the latte art portion of 2-1.

Fighting through some grinder issues, Polina Vladimirova was still able to put up a solid 5 drinks in the Orders round of , but it was not enough to beat out Rob Clarijs’ 9.

And the fourth and final semifinalist at is Rob Clarijs of !

Thanks for tuning in to yet another thrilling day of coffee competition here at Coffee Masters at the London Coffee Festival. Be here tomorrow as we bring you all the live action from the Semis and Final round and crown a brand new Coffee Master.