2019 US Coffee Champs Nashville Competitor Schedule, Day Two

The action gets ratcheted up a notch for Day Two of the US Coffee Championships, with no fewer than five finalists as well as two champions taking the stage. Every single event, even the inaugural Coffee in Good Spirits, has at least one national-level finalist competing in Day Two. And to make things even more interesting the two champions—Onyx Coffee Lab’s Dylan Siemens and Black Oak Coffee’s Steve Cuevas—are competing in events different than the one in which they took home their titles (the Barista Championship instead of the Brewers Cup for Siemens, and the Roasters Championship instead of Cup Tasters for Cuevas).

Indeed, there is a lot intrigue to be found in the 100 or so names in the Day Two competition schedule with much still left to be settled. It’s going to be an exciting nine hours, to say the least. How many of these names will we see again in Kansas City later in March for the US Coffee Championships? Only time will tell. But for now, let’s familiarize ourselves with the competitors.

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Adam JacksonBey

Barista Championship

11:10am Joe Burns, Convive Coffee Roastery
11:22am Karynn Brown, Cultiva Coffee
11:34am Shane Hess, Jubala Coffee
11:46am James Lee,Broadsheet Coffee Roasters
11:58am Ali Abderrahman, State Street Coffee/La Reunion
12:10pm Patrick Rush, Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Co
12:22pm Austin Dryden, Spiller Park Coffee
12:34pm Isaiah Sheese, Archetype Coffee
12:56pm Joe Dininger, Heine Brothers Coffee
1:21pm Ryan Wojton, Madcap Coffee Co
1:33pm Elisabeth Johnson, Venture Coffee Co
1:45pm Trevor Wallis, Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co
1:57pm Damian Giles, Prince Coffee
2:09pm Juan Diaz, Deeply Coffee Co
2:21pm Ben Vollmar, Flatlands Coffee
2:33pm Hannah Vered, Ogawa Coffee
2:45pm Zachary Domville, Post Coffee Co
2:57pm Andrew Fanning, Offbeat Coffee Studio
3:09pm Anthony Ragler, Counter Culture Coffee
3:32pm Criz Mendoza, Saint Frank Coffee
3:44pm Connor Usry, Sump Coffee
3:56pm Selina Gonzalez, Greater Goods Coffee Roasters
4:08pm Raquel Vazquez, Boomtown Coffee
4:20pm Adam JacksonBey, Tell Coffee
4:32pm Samuel Smith, Topeca Coffee Roasters
4:44pm Gisel Alvarez, Monarch
4:56pm Dylan Siemens, Onyx Coffee Lab
5:08pm Samantha Spillman, Dillanos Coffee Roasters
5:20pm T. Ben Fischer, Elixr Coffee Roasters

Chelsey Walker-Watson

Brewers Cup

9:00am Wade Preston, Prevail Coffee Roasters
9:25am AJ Willett, Ferris Coffee
9:50am Chelsea Dubay, Purity Coffee
10:15am Dominic Treadwell, Aromatic Roasters
10:40am Argus Keppel, Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co
11:05am Tito Pena, The Wydown
11:30am Skyler Richter, LAMILL
11:55am Benjamin Wells, One Line Coffee
12:20pm Grace McCutchan, Red Rooster Coffee Roaster
1:55pm Hektor Rojas, Gen Brewing
2:25pm Tyler Duncan, Topeca Coffee Roasters
2:50pm Josh Hubbard, Dynamite Coffee
3:15pm Gunnar Lagenhuizen, Dune Coffee Roasters
3:40pm Elika Liftee, Onyx Coffee Lab
4:05pm Mark Stahlwood, Mad Priest Coffee & Cocktails
4:30pm Thomas Keisling, Honolulu Coffee
4:55pm Jerry Ponzer, Messenger Coffee
5:20pm Chelsey Walker-Watson, Atlas Coffee Importers

Jacob White

Coffee in Good Spirits

10:10am Jen McElroy, Klatch Coffee
10:25am Felix Torres, Flux Coffee
10:40am Brodie Lewis, Madcap Coffee Co
10:55am Dan Hilburn, Backyard Beans Coffee Co
11:10am Kris Wood, Black Fox Coffee Co
12:35pm Jacob Carpenter, Onyx Coffee Lab
12:50pm Arsalan Pourmand, Flux Coffee
1:05pm Jess Harmon, Cultivate Coffee and Tap House
1:20pm Lawrence Jarvey, Provision Coffee
1:35pm Jacob White, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters
1:50pm Koji Daremo, The Ruin Daily

Cup Tasters

10:35am Heat 7
Stefan Tribble, Umble Coffee
Samuel Demisse, Keffa Coffee Importers
Micha Riopel, Irving Farm
Rachel Stanich, Red Fox Coffee Merchants

11:35am Heat 8
Justin Shaheen, Pilgrim Coffeehouse
Hyoung Wuk Jung, Loit Café
Bianca Molina, The Pie Hole
Luke Stapleton, Dogwood Coffee

12:35pm Heat 9
Jason Gonzalez, Onyx Tonics Specialty Coffee
Bridget Lindstrom, Jaho Coffee Roasters
Karen Sauther, KS Coffee
Talitha Clemons, Woodshed Coffee and Tea

2:35pm Heat 10
Brian Clemens, Relevant Coffee
Julia Melnick, Portola Coffee Roasters
Ian Bailey, Vivid Coffee
Jarrett Johnson, Lineage Roasting

3:35pm Heat 11
Alan Smith, Lamplighter Coffee Roasters
John D. Martin, Independent
Robert Colascione, La Colombe
Katie Britt, Dynamite Coffee

4:35pm Heat 12
Brandon Hutchingson, Mission Coffee
Elliot Reinecke, Steady State Roasting
Sarah Lambeth, Congregation Coffee Roasters
James Gibbs, Caravela Coffee

Roasters Championship

Heat 6
11:00am Chris Mock, Ligature Coffee
11:06am Steve Cuevas, Black Oak Coffee Roasters
11:12am Christina Snyder, Deeper Roots Coffee
11:18am Eric Stone, Mudhouse Coffee Roasters

Heat 7
12:00pm Eduardo Choza, Mayorga Organics
12:06pm Amanda Hagenbuck, Rival Bros Coffee Roasters
12:12pm Evan Pollitt, Summitt Coffee

Heat 8
2:00pm Scott Angelo, Oceana Coffee
2:07pm Spencer Aidukaits, Peixoto Coffee Roasters
2:14pm Matthew Delarosa, Ironsmith Coffee Roasters
2:21pm Anthony Greatorex, Red Rooster Coffee Roaster

Heat 9
3:00pm Tim Perkins, Vice & Virtue Coffee
3:07pm Aaron MacDougall, Broadsheet Coffee Roasters
3:14pm Jose Ochoa, LAMILL
3:21pm Aaron Hill, Honeybee Coffee

SprudgeLive’s coverage of the 2019 US Coffee Champs is made possible by Joe Glo and Mahlkönig. All of SprudgeLive’s 2019 competition coverage is made possible by AcaiaBaratzaFaemaCafe Imports, and Wilbur Curtis.