2020 US Coffee Championships Orange County Schedule, Day Three

The end is near. Day Three of the US Coffee Champs combined National and Qualifying Events, the final day. While the back half of the field for the Coffee in Good Spirits, Cup Tasters, and Roasters Championships are set to perform, the Finals of the US Barista Championships and Brewers Cup will also be underway.

For many, Orange County the first stop on a long journey. For others it is the end point. And for a select two, it is the last hurdle on the road to Worlds. Before any of that happens, though, these competitors still need to make it past Day Three. So let’s take a look at everyone with work still ahead of them at Day Three of the US Coffee Champs event in Orange County, California.

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Barista Championship

11:15am Kay Cheon, Dune Coffee Roasters
12:00pm Isaiah Sheese, Archetype Coffee
12:45pm Sam Spillman, Dillanos Coffee Roasters
1:30pm Andrea Allen, Onyx Coffee Lab
2:15pm Sam Neely, Amethyst Coffee Company
3:00pm Anthony Ragler, Black and White Coffee Roasters

Brewers Cup

11:40 Lance Hedrick, Onyx Coffee Lab
12:25pm Weihong Zhang, BlendIn Coffee Club
1:10pm John Kruegler, Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Company
1:55pm Paul Menefee, Archetype Coffee
2:40pm Elika Liftee, Onyx Coffee Lab
3:25pm Tyler Duncan, Topeca Coffee Roasters

Coffee in Good Spirits

10:05am Danny Storll, Augie’s Coffee
10:20am Gianna De Maria, Oregon Coffee Board
10:35am Kyoka Matsunaga, Succulent Coffee Roasters/The Hall Global Eatery
10:50am Becca DeBoer
11:05am Stevie Hasemeyer, Arcade Coffee Roasters
11:20am Kelsey Maccombs, Glitter Cat
11:35am Jen McElroy, Klatch Coffee
11:50am Dakota Graff, Onyx Coffee Lab

Cup Tasters

10:35am Heat One
Taylor Sullivan, Philz Coffee
Adam Snow, Beans & Bagels
Chandra Gurel, Akiva
Yingsha Yang, Nossa Familia Coffee

11:35am Heat Two
Andrew Co, Elevator Cafe & Commons
Steve Hyun
Charles Gonzalez, Synesso

12:35pm Heat Three
Alexandra Hager, CJ Foodville USA
Eddy Padilla, Arizona Coffee Social
Zach Erick, ICT
Katie Britt, Red Banner Coffee Roasters

2:35pm Heat Four
Tiffany Kim, Andante Coffee Roasters
Brian Clemens, Relevant Coffee
Rev. Thomas J. Chandler III, Black Oak Coffee Roasters
Gabbi Lemanski, Campos Coffee USA

3:35pm Heat Five
Brandon Cho, Andante Coffee Roasters
Katy Beekman, Cafe Grumpy
Dong Ge, Coffeeland
Jeremiah Jang

4:35pm Heat Six
Austin Amento, Augie’s Coffee
Elisabeth Johnson
Samuel Gurel, Sovda Coffee
Taehoon Oh, Andante Coffee Roasters

Roasters Championship

10:00am Steve Cuevas, Black Oak Coffee Roasters
10:06am Spencer Aidukaitis, Peixoto Coffee
10:12am Ted Kim, Moment Coffee Company
10:18am Nicholas Ramirez, Onyx Coffee Lab
11:00am Nicholas Berardi, Mostra Coffee
11:06am Kris Carlson
11:12am Matt Ehresman, Victrola Coffee Roasters
11:18am Lydia Nolen, Augie’s Coffee
1:00pm Alexander McClean Egan, Chromatic Coffee
1:06pm Matthew Selivanow, Kafiex Roasters
1:12pm Elliot Reinecke, Steady State
1:18pm Anthony Burrows, La Colombe Coffee Roasters
2:00pm Ting Shen, ASIP Coffee Roasters
2:06pm Emily Smith, Novus Coffee Imports
2:12pm Brian Gomez, The Roasted Bean LLC
2:18pm Nathan DelaCruz, Copper Door Coffee Roasters