A Sight For Sore Eyes: Iberital’s VISION Espresso Machine Is A Stunner

We take a look back at the last stop of Iberital’s VISION on TOUR.

There’s a new espresso machine on the block and it is a sight to behold. The brand new Iberital VISION espresso machine comes via Barcelona-based Iberital and it is equipped with some serious 21st century tech: we’re talking IoT technology, three energy efficient settings, and even the ability to control the machine via tablet. To show off their new baby, Iberital has been taking their new espresso machine all around Europe and Asia as part of the six-stop VISION on Tour, which just wrapped up in Athens, Greece. We’re taking a look back at the event and the stunning espresso machine that made it all happen.

After stops in Shanghai, Seoul, London, Barcelona, and Singapore, VISION on TOUR rolled into Kawacom’s new roasting facility in Athens for the event series’ closing ceremony. The full day event included many VISION-based activities and coffee, giving Grecian coffee professionals their first proper introduction to the minimalist-designed machine. At the heart of the event were the five pillars of the Iberital VISION: connectivity, sustainability, design, health, and water. Each of the pillars was given its own section of the roastery so that attendees could see how these pillars come into play with the new Iberital VISION.

But you don’t have to see the Iberital VISION in person to appreciate the understated beauty of the machine. Simple, elegant, all black (it comes in other color options, but I fancy the all black). It’s the sort of machine I’d want on my counter in the idealized version of what I think my house should look like. Luckily, the multi-boiler machine comes in one-, two-, and three-group options, so, Iberital, should you need an American tester of the one-group version, you know who to contact.

Though the VISION on Tour is now over, Iberital has plans to take the espresso machine to other coffee events around the world. To find out where they may be heading in the future, make sure to follow them on their official website and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

*all images courtesy of Iberital