Sarah Anderson, 2015 Southwest Brewers Cup Champion

After advancing from the compulsory rounds and winning a 6 competitor open service round, Sarah Anderson of Intelligentsia Coffee is the 2015 SW Brewers Cup champion. Anderson is now eligible to compete at the 2015 US Brewers Cup Championship, held in February 2015 in Long Beach, California.

This is Sarah Anderson’s second time competing on the Brewers Cup stage, where she represents Intelligentsia and their Pasadena coffee bar.

The Method

Immersion brew filtered through the Bairro AltoAir.

The Recipe

  • 21 grams of Intelligentsia’s Kenya Ngaita.
  • 310 grams of water, specified as 140 TDS, poured at between 200 and 205 degrees through a Bonavita kettle.
  • Immediately submerge grinds; let sit for 5 minutes; skim the top; pour through rinsed white paper filter.

The Top Three

Sarah Anderson — Intelligentsia Coffee — 1st place

Blair Smith — Augie’s Coffee Roasters — 2nd place

Ryan Fisher — Commonwealth Coffee — 3rd place


Watch the Brewers Cup