Try Super Fresh Kenya Coffee At Guilder In Portland

Portland coffee lovers, rejoice, for an extra special coffee event is coming your way this week at Guilder (2393 NE Fremont St). Stephen Vick, Head of Production, Procurement and Quality Control at African Coffee Roasters, will host a coffee tasting featuring coffee from Kenya harvested only weeks ago!

Please join us at Guilder Cafe this Wednesday at 6pm for a very special, and unique Kenyan coffee tasting and micro-lot release, especially on this side of the world, at this time of the year…

A few weeks back, my friend Jared Linzmeier [Ruby Coffee] was visiting Nairobi and we cupped through some of the first delivery outturns of the current Kenyan main coffee crop, 2017/2018, along with Raphaël Prime from Dorman’s. Generally, coffees from early in the harvest aren’t as spectacular as a couple of months in. A few of the early outturns on this table from Nyeri however, were looking exceptional, including an AB lot from the Gathaithi Farmer’s Cooperative Society: 01CK0101. The Kenyan lot number system indicates the harvest week first (beginning the first week of October), following by the mill, in this case the Central Kenya Coffee Mill. So, this particular of was processed from coffee cherries that were picked TWO MONTHS AGO.

Since I knew I’d be in Portland for Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to slip two 15kg (30kg = 66lbs) vacuum sealed bags of this green coffee in my luggage and fly to Portland with it. Junior’s Roasted Coffee will be roasting and selling this coffee until is is gone, beginning this Wednesday evening at this event.

This is quite possibly the freshest crop Kenyan coffee that has ever been served and available for sale in Portland, and I’m excited to taste it and talk about it. We will do a quick cupping of the lot promptly at 6:30, sitting it next to an AB from last year’s (2016/2017) crop. This will be accompanied by a very short presentation. Please come!

When: Wednesday 6PM
Where: Guilder (2393 NE Fremont St, Portland, OR)

More infomation and RSVP right here.