USBC Competitor Charles Babinski, G&B Coffee & Go Get Em Tiger

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We reached out to each of the 2015 US Barista Championship competitors prior to their routines, to learn a bit more about them as competitors and coffee pros. We hope you enjoy these interviews!



Company: G&B Coffee / Go Get Em Tiger
Number of years behind the bar: 11
Number of competitions: 6 years worth
2008 glrbc – 9th, I believe. Right behind Trevor and Ryan. I remember thinking “Moon Monkey?” USBC – dont remember, maybe 28th? It wasnt pretty.
2010 GLRBC – 3rd, USBC – 5th
2012 SWRBC 2nd – USBC – 2nd
2013 SWRBC 2nd – USBC -2nd
2014 SWRBC 1st – USBC – 2nd
2015 SWRBC 1st

Coffee: For sig and capps – Honduras Ocotillo from 49th Parallel. For espresso an Ethiopia that I will probably choose day of or thereabouts

Milk: Not sure


Signature Beverage: This is part of Sprudge’s attempt to bring back the tradition of naming a sig drink. I know whats up. I’m on to you! I wont succumb to your vile agenda….GAH!. ERK! BLURGH! CHARLIE MOONBEAM’S RIGHTEOUS BREW-GASM! (GASP)

As of right now – and things might change as I finally get my shit together – the drink is made up of pine-tree honey, a juniper syrup and a reduction of grapefruit juice

Secret Weapons: Lord no

Playlist: Not sure what it is going to be! Working with a friend to make it good, though.

Theme: Embracing the larger systems of coffee at both the farm and the coffee shop levels and how those systems benefit (and make possible) smaller, independent agents.

Total Practice Hours: Including regionals…24? Its hard because I have competed so many times before and generally don’t have much free time. Its a little bit too much of a shitshow for standard accounting 🙂

Coach(es): Percy Ramirez has always been a supporter and we’ve worked closely together this year, so I consider him a coach. Day of the comp he is an invaluable help. Mike Phillips has always been there, too. There are also a small group of people that I try to bounce my ideas off of and look to for guidance on whether or not I am making my point well. Not always coffee people, too, since the goal is more intellectual cohesion than just coffee stuff.

Fashion: Not sure! My fiance is a stylist and I trust her on what to wear. 

Social Medias: @charlesbabinski