World Brewers Cup Championship—Round One Schedule

This is a round one schedule for the 2015 World Brewers Cup Championship, with coverage happening live from the World of Coffee Gothenburg event in Sweden.’s coverage of the 2015 World Brewers Cup is made possible by direct support from Urnex Brands and Square.

The official World Brewers Cup website is here. All times UTC +1.

Round One, Day One—June 16th 2015

1. Dane Oliver, La Cabra Coffee, Australia—Open Service 11:05

2. Shih-Wu Wang, Just Go Coffee, Taiwan—Open Service 11:27

3. Ruslan Shulga, Omni Coffee, Russia—Open Service 11:49

4. Mikaela Wallgren, The Coffee Collective, Finland—Open Service 12:11

5. Youn Joo Yu, D-PLEX Coffee, Korea—Open Service 12:33

6. Leszek Jedrasik, Black and White Coffee, Poland—Open Service 12:55

7. Brian O’Caoimh, Independent, Ireland—Open Service 1:17

8. Alexander Ruas, Alexander Ruas Creative Coffee, Sweden—Open Service 1:39

9. Bob Kerkhoff, Babo Coffee, The Netherlands–Open Service 2:01

10. Carolina Franco de Souza, Lucca Cafes Especiales, Brazil—Open Service 2:23

11. Carlos De La Torre, Avellaneda Barra & Tostadores, Mexico—Open Service 2:45

12. Umut Gokdeniz, Kronotrop, Turkey—Open Service 3:07

13. Regine Wai, Cafe In A Box, Malaysia—Open Service 3:29

14. Lavinia Toma, Origo, Romania—Open Service 3:51

15. Petra Strelecka, Industra Coffee, Czech Republic—Open Service 4:13

Round One, Day Two—Wednesday, June 17th

16. Nicholas Rapp, Flight Coffee, New Zealand—Open Service 10:05

17. Qiling Wang, Uni Uni, China–Open Service 10:27

18. Gordon Howell, Northern Academy of Coffee, United Kingdom—Open Service 10:49

19. Thomas Cassignac, Independent, France–Open Service 11:11

20. Yuta Ueda, Ishii Shoji Amameria Espresso, Japan—Open Service 11:33

21. Odd-Steiner Tøllefsen, Supreme Roastworks, Norway—Compulsory 10:05

22. Konstantinos Iatardis, Taf, Greece–Open Service 12:17

23. Daniel Muliyanto, Schwarze Kiste, Germany—Open Service 12:39

24. Benjamin Prager, Bear Brothers & Cow, Switzerland—Open Service 1:01

25. Sarah Anderson, Intelligentsia, USA—Open Service 1:23

26. Nikolaus Hartmann, Süssmund Kaffee, Austria—Open Service 1:45

27. Andrea Tan, The ARC Coffee Ptd, Singapore—Open Service 2:07

28. Rubens Gardelli, Gardelli Specialty Coffees, Italy—Open Service 2:29