World Brewers Cup Round One, Day Two Schedule

The best part of waking up is the 2016 World Brewers Cup! Highlighting the craft of manually brewed filter coffee, the Brewers Cup is a competition that celebrates both skill and service excellence. Today is Round One, Day Two – and 17 Brewers Cup Champions will compete in two separate services.

There’s a compulsory service, and that’s a hush-hush brew component where brewers use water, coffee, and a grinder provided by the competition. Judges are basically blindfolded, and there’s no big presentation. It’s all about the brew. The points from this one service account for half of the total points for both the first round and the final round.

During the Open Round service, competitors from all over the world prepare and serve three individual beverages in front of a panel of judges. Watch us as we follow along with these talented brewers during their Open Round service! WATCH THE LIVESTREAM HERE!’s coverage of the 2016 World Brewers Cup Championship is made possible by Acaia. All of our Sprudge Live coverage from Dublin is supported by Urnex Brands and KitchenAid.

10:15AM Valentin Freyler, Kaffeemodul, Austria

10:37AM Chunghyun Kim, Korea Occupational College, South Korea

10:59AM Stathis Koremtas, Taf, Greece

11:21AM Veronika Gálová Veselá, Independent, Slovakia

11:43AM Sutida Nana Srirunngthum, Independent, Thailand

12:05PM Dmitrii Borodai, Double B Coffee&Tea, Russia

12:27PM Laura de Boeck, OR Coffee Roasters, Belgium

12:49PM Tumi Ferrer, Te & Kaffi, Iceland

1:11PM Todd Goldsworthy, Klatch Coffee, USA

1:33PM Karolína Kumštová, Independent, Czech Republic

1:55PM Rob Kerkhoff, Keen Coffee, The Netherlands

2:17PM Ege Akyuz, Punctum Coffee Roasters, Turkey

2:39PM Carlos de la Torre, Café Avellaneda, Mexico

3:01PM Chad Wang, Jascaffee China, Taiwan

3:23PM Anne Lunell, Koppi Coffee Roasters, Sweden

3:45PM Nikolett Schreiber, Espresso Embassy, Hungary

4:07PM André Strittmatter, Hochstrasser, Die Kaffeemacher, Switzerland