2015 World Coffee In Good Spirits—Round One Schedule

This is a round one schedule for the 2015 World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship, with coverage happening live from the World of Coffee Gothenburg event in Sweden. Sprudge.com’s coverage of the 2015 Coffee In Good Spirits is made possible by direct support from Urnex Brands and Square.

The official World Coffee In Good Spirits website is here. All times UTC +1.

Round One, Day One — Tuesday, June 16th 2015 

1. 12:08 Sang Moo Hyun, Maris Coffee, South Korea

2. 12:41 Sharapov Kiril, North-West Coffee Company, Russia

3. 1:14 Ondrej Hurtik, Doubleshot, Czech Republic

4. 1:47 Victor Belea Gomez, Cafes el Criollo, Spain

5. 2:53 Davide Berti, La Chichera Cafe, Italy

6. 3:26 Eduardo Affonso Scorsin, Lucca Cafes Especiales, Brazil

Round One, Day Two — Wednesday, June 17th 2015

7. 10:05 Lucas Woods, Coffee Lab & Ona Coffee, Australia

8. 10:38 Shuichi Ofuchi, Mixology Bar Source, Japan

9. 11:11 Paul Ungureanu, Paul Ungureanu Consulting, Romania

10. 11:44 Steeven Herry, Mycafe.fr, France

11. 12:17 George Koustoumpardis, The Underdog, Greece

12. 12:50 Edwin Gorritz, Barista Squared, Puerto Rico

13. 1:23 Monica Strøm, Dromedar Kaffebar, Norway

14. 1:56 Sang Ho Park, Square Mile Coffee, United KIngdom