2019 US Coffee Champs Denver Competitor Schedule, Day One

Who’s ready for a full day of coffee competition? We know we are. We’ve got names new and old taking the stage today, including a few past champions and finalists trying their hands at new competitions (we’re looking at you, Andy Sprenger and Sam Schroeder). And for the first time ever, we’re going to get to see what the Americans have in store for the Coffee in Good Spirits competition. In the inaugural run, six competitors are going to battle it out in an event that will only get bigger. These are the salad days for CIGS in America; the competition is only going to get stiffer from here.

A total of 95 competitors across five competitions will put their best foot forward in hopes of making it to the US Coffee Championships taking place later this March in Kansas City, Missouri. So let’s find out who is going on when, shall we?

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Hana Kanashige

Barista Championship

11:10am Ricardo San Juan Barrios, Verve Coffee
11:22am Wesley Fowler, Ozo Coffee Co
11:34am Joseph William Gonzalez, Espresso State of Mind
11:46am Dan Durakovich, Love Coffee Bar
11:58am Audrey Canyon, Firecreek Coffee Co
12:10pm Nicole Rochon, Presta Coffee Roasters
12:22pm Whitten Hagemann, East Pole Coffee Co
12:34pm Tyrone Banks, Metric Coffee
12:46pm Mike Cannon, Nomad PNW
1:21pm Justin Duren, Three Story Coffee
1:33pm Douglas Park, Independent
1:45pm Morgan Eckroth, Tried & True Coffee Co
1:57pm Joshua Agbayani, Verve Coffee
2:09pm Kayla Baird, Joe Coffee Co
2:21pm Bryan Norris, Slate Coffee Roasters
2:33pm Chris Marinuzzi, Ogawa Coffee
2:45pm Kayla Herrera, Ecco Espresso & Gelato
2:57pm Topher Ou, Little Collins
3:32pm Cameron Elliott, Heirloom Brewshop
3:44pm Meg Skop, Equator Coffees & Teas
3:56pm Allison Schwartz, The Morning Times
4:08pm Saige Fuller, Hold Fast Coffee Co
4:20pm Hugo Cano, Independent
4:32pm Cassie Ash, Small Planes Coffee
4:44pm Evan Pollitt, Summit Coffee
4:56pm Maxwell Mooney, Narrative Coffee
5:08pm Heather McCullough, Novo Coffee
5:20pm Hana Kaneshige, Counter Culture Coffee

Blair Smith

Brewers Cup

9:00am Daniel Falloon, JBC Coffee Roasters
9:25pm Stephen White, Joe Coffee Co
9:50am Augustine Toscano, Windmill Coffee
10:15am Timothy Johnson, Victrola Coffee Roasters
10:40am Julia Peixoto, Peixoto Coffee
11:05am Evan Anderson, Treeline Coffee Roasters
11:30am Zach Perkins, Roseline Coffee
11:55am Joe Lacey, Boxcar Coffee Roasters
12:20pm Angel Medina, Smalltime Roasters
1:55pm John Lamberton, G&B Coffee/Go Get Em Tiger
2:25pm Blair Smith, Augie’s Coffee
2:50pm Don Lawrence, Intelligentsia Coffee
3:15pm Matthew Langford, Sweet Bloom Coffee
3:40pm Grace Lindman, PT’s Coffee Roasting Co
4:05pm Jeremy Williamson, Olympia Coffee
4:30pm Madeleine Longoria-Garcia, Independent
4:55pm Nicholai Elkins, Switchback Coffee Roasters
5:20pm Ricardo San Juan Barrios, Verve Coffee

Coffee in Good Sprits

12:10pm Joshua Smith, West Oak Coffee Roasters
12:45pm Michael Slomzenski, Huckleberry Roasters
1:20pm Sam Schroeder, Olympia Coffee
1:55pm Samantha Nawrocki, Manzanita Roasting Co
2:30pm Kasey Headley, Trinity Street Coffee Bar
3:05pm Kimhak Em, Peixoto Coffee Roasters

Cup Tasters

9:35am Heat 1:
Adam Snow, Beans & Bagels
Miguel Vicuña, Sweet Bloom Coffee
Kat Adams, Bird Rock Coffee

10:35am Heat 2:
Bubba Abbajay, Sisters Coffee Co
Kevin Nealon, Huckleberry Roasters
Austin Demeter, Bootstrap Coffee Roasters

11:35am Heat 3:
Ryan Sullivan, Mostra Coffee
Joshua Nichols, Keffa Coffee
Luna O’Neal, Kreuzberg Roasting Co

12:35pm Heat 4:
Alexandra Hager, CJ Foodville USA
Roman Deshong, Amethyst Coffee Co
Peter Leonard, Little Amps Coffee Roasters

2:35pm Heat 5:
Khristian Yurchak, Sisters Coffee Co
Chris Kornman, Royal Coffee
Curtis Ball, Cape Horn Coffee

3:35pm Heat 6:
Charles Lambert, Boxcar Coffee Roasters
Cody McGregor, ReAnimator Coffee
Noah Goodman, Faema

4:35pm Heat 7:
Andy Sprenger, Sweet Bloom Coffee
Christopher Malarick, Joe Coffee Co
Scott MacBride, InterAmerican Coffee

5:35pm Heat 8:
Pia Barnett, Verve Coffee
Austin Amento, Augie’s Coffee
Adam Walsh, JBC Coffee Roasters

Roasters Championship

Heat 1:
10:00am Mark Boccard, Southdown Coffee
10:08am Lydia Nolen, Augie’s Coffee
10:16am Kat Melheim, Independent

Heat 2:
11:00am Evan Inatome, Elixr Coffee
11:08am Alex Kopelson, Great Basin Coffee Co
11:16am Connor James, Coma Coffee Roasters

Heat 3:
12:00pm Leo Sideras, Independent
12:08pm Ryan Hagler, Social Hour Coffee Roasters
12:16pm Alyson Sweeney, Independent

Heat 4:
2:00pm Jen Apodaca, Royal Coffee
2:08pm Mike Mazulo, PT’s Coffee Roasting Co
2:16pm Liam Holdsworth, Presta Coffee Roasters

Heat 5:
3:00pm Brandon Despain, Caffe Ibis
3:08pm Jonathan Rodick, Independent
3:16pm Matt Ehresman, Victrola Coffee Roasters

Heat 6:
4:00pm Weston Nawrocki, Manzanita Roasting Co
4:08pm Emily Smith, World Cup Coffee

Heat 7:
4:50pm Liang Nie, Regent Coffee Corp
4:58pm Aaron Rollins, Caffe Ibis