2019 US Coffee Champs Denver Competitor Schedule, Day Two

93 more competitors will take the stage for Day Two of the 2019 US Coffee Championships Qualifying Event in Denver, Colorado. And then when it’s all said and done, we’ll know who will be moving onto the national competitions for the Barista Championship, Brewers Cup, Coffee in Good Spirits, Cup Tasters, and Roasters Championship taking place in March in Kansas City, Missouri.

How many national champions will come out of Day Two’s contests? We’ll know in a few months’ time, but until then, let’s see who is going to compete at Day Two of the US Coffee Championships Qualifying Event in Denver.

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Andrea Allen, Onyx Coffee Lab (2017)

Barista Championship

11:10am Merlin Mendoza, Mostra Coffee
11:22am Regino Palazuelos, Presta Coffee Roasters
11:34am Benjamin Hu, Joe Coffee Co
11:46am Austin Bonk, Archetype Coffee
11:58am Tracy Jiang, Ogawa Coffee
12:10pm Elliott Spencer, Independent
12:22pm Kristi Persinger, Stumptown Coffee Roasters
12:34pm Cody McGregor, ReAnimator Coffee
12:46pm Samuel Han, G&B Coffee/Go Get Em Tiger
12:58pm Weston Nawrocki, Manzanita Roasting Co
1:21pm Alex Trujillo, La Colombe
1:33pm Alexandrya Young, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters
1:45pm Radly Peralta, Luce Ave Coffee Roasters
1:57pm Raechel Hurd, Epoch Coffee
2:09pm Joel Bigelow, Messenger Coffee
2:21pm Tae-Wan Kim, Copa Vida
2:33pm Reef Bessette, The Coffee Movement
2:45pm Edward Griffin, PT’s Coffee Roasting Co
2:57pm Derrick Wessels, Beagle Coffee Co
3:32pm Sam Neely, Switchback Coffee Roasters
3:44pm Austin Amento, Augie’s Coffee
3:56pm Milo DeGoosh, Bard Coffee
4:08pm Naida Lindberg, Verve Coffee
4:20pm Alana Giannone, Presta Coffee Roasters
4:32pm Michelle Hopper, Blue Bottle Coffee
4:44pm Reyna Callejo, Olympia Coffee
4:56pm Emily Orendorff, Boxcar Coffee Roasters
5:08pm Andrea Allen, Onyx Coffee Lab
5:20pm Matthew Barahura, Intelligentsia Coffee

Megan O’Connell, Empire State South (2016)

Brewers Cup

9:00am Jesus Iniguez, Stone Brú Coffee
9:25am Samuel Miers, Three Story Coffee
9:50am Edgar Reyes, Revelator
10:15am Joshua Modisette, Narrative Coffee
10:40am Max Martinelli, Ascendo
11:05am Gabe Venegas, Espresso Republic
11:30am Samantha Sun, La Colombe
11:55am John-Ruben Medina, Palace Coffee Co
12:20pm Martin Sweeney, Novo Coffee
1:55pm Kelly Hill, Temple Coffee Roasters
2:25pm Sloan Wachob, Independent
2:50pm Tommy Tae U Kim, Balrog Coffee
3:15pm Avery Leith, Elixr Coffee
3:40pm Lance Hedrick, Onyx Coffee Lab
4:05pm Joshua Dusk-Peebles, Counter Culture Coffee
4:30pm Justin McCormick-Goodhart, Sweet Bloom Coffee
4:55pm Jacob White, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters
5:20pm Kaley Gann, Messenger Coffee

Coffee in Good Spirits Happy Hour

1:10pm Joshua Smith, West Oak Coffee Bar
1:55pm Michael Slomzenski, Huckleberry Roasters
2:40pm Sam Schroeder, Olympia Coffee
3:25pm Samantha Nawrocki, Manzanita Roasting Co
4:10pm Kasey Headley, Trinity Street Coffee Bar
4:55pm Kimhak Em, Peixoto Coffee Roasters

Cup Tasters

9:35am Heat 9:
Brandon Despain, Caffe Ibis
Jen Apodaca, Royal Coffee
Jie Jiang, Andante Coffee Roasters

10:35am Heat 10:
Kyeong Jang, Sysco
Shane Hennessey, Keffa Coffee
Saki Uechi, Blue Bottle Coffee

11:35am Heat 11:
Drew Frohn, Counter Culture Coffee
Jason Farrar, Commonwealth Coffee Roasters
Stung Lee, Sharp Coffee

12:35pm Heat 12:
Lydia Nolen, Augie’s Coffee
Peter Jones, Trident Booksellers & Cafe
Steve Hyun, Andante Coffee Roasters

2:35pm Heat 13:
Jin Chiew, Sweet Bloom Coffee
Chloe O’Connor, Everyman Espresso
Wenbo Yang, J Cafe

3:35pm Heat 14:
Eric Estrel, Slate Coffee Roasters
Michael Schroeder, Oddly Correct
Chris Gullicksen, Crema Coffee House

4:35pm Heat 15:
Sebastian Legner, Copper Door Coffee Roasters
Dan Paggi, Sisters Coffee Co
George Wickham, Ferndell Coffee Roasters

5:35pm Heat 16:
Angela Ferrera, Barista League
Taylor Reed, Victrola Coffee Roasters

Roasters Championship

Heat 8:
10:00am Kimhak Emp, Paircupworks
10:08am Michael Bratty, Meta Coffee Lab
10:16am Marco Carrera, Bootstrap Coffee Roasters

Heat 9:
11:00am Nathan Van Dusen, Brio Coffeeworks
11:08am Jillion Potter, Coda Coffee
11:16am Nichole Dutram, Joe Van Gogh

Heat 10:
12:00pm Carlos Francisco Flores Monterrosa, Equator Coffees & Teas
12:08pm Derek De La Paz, Mill City Roasters
12:16pm Daniel Mauck, Social Hour Coffee Roasters

Heat 11:
2:00pm Charles Lambert, Boxcar Coffee Roasters
2:08pm Hugh Morretta, La Colombe Coffee Roasters
2:16pm Anthony Anderson, Three Story Coffee

Heat 12:
3:00pm Nicholas McPherson, Juno Coffee Roasters
3:08pm Matthew Toomey, Boomtown Coffee Roasters
3:16pm Joe Gailey, Ozo Coffee Co

Heat 13:
4:00pm Shelby Williamson, Huckleberry Roasters
4:08pm Andrew Burgason, Windmill Coffee
4:16pm Andrew Oberholzer, Joe Coffee Co