2020 Nashville Qualifying Event Schedule, Day One

We’re in the thick of it now. After learning the first half of the field for the Barista Championship and Brewers Cup in Sumner, Washington last month, we head now to Nashville to learn the remainder of the competitors as well as the first entrants for the Coffee in Good Spirits, Cup Tasters, and the Roasters Championships.

Over 200 coffee professionals will be taking one of the five stages at Track One in Nashville this weekend, all hoping to to earn their spots in the national round of their respective competitions. But before they move on, they have to get through the weekend. So let’s check out everyone who is competing at Day One of the 2020 US Coffee Championships Qualifying Even in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Michelle Johnson

Barista Championship

11:40am Julius Delacruz, Lamplighter Coffee Roasters
11:51am Jason Yeo, Saint Frank Coffee
12:02pm Ben Stroup, Broadsheet Coffee Roasters
12:13pm Kate Eichler, Free Press Coffee House
12:24pm Jinwoo Ahn, Cafe Grumpy
12:35pm Zedeeka Fulay, One Line Coffee
12:46pm Marsinah Hopkins, Speckled Ax Wood Roasted Coffee
12:57pm Dana Walls, Sunergos Coffee
1:08pm Sam Leyba, Arrow Coffee Company
1:19pm Audrey Kim, La Colombe
1:30pm Rei Rosenquist, ChadLou’s Coffee Roasters
1:41pm Dom Rodriguez, Metric Coffee Co
1:52pm Nicole Leigh Henderson, Peregrine Espresso
2:03pm Sawyer Beckley, Backyard Beans Coffee Company
2:14pm Laura Ostendorff, Junto
2:48pm Heather McCullough, Novo Coffee
2:59pm Eli Cecil
3:10pm Fil Hernandez, Union Coffee Co
3:21pm Michelle Johnson, Red Bay Coffee
3:43pm Steph Caronna, North Carolina Museum of Art
3:54pm Elijah Wright, Hawaiian Village Coffee
4:05pm Angela Remlaoui, Portola Coffee Roasters
4:16pm Holly Griffith, Avoca Coffee Roasters
4:27pm Philip-Andrew Yuen, Honolulu Coffee
4:49pm Leah Ritsema, Madcap Coffee Company
5:00pm Tracy Jiang, Intelligentsia Coffee
5:11pm Chris Dennis, Klatch Coffee
5:22pm Jenna Gotthelf, Counter Culture Coffee

Tyler Duncan

Brewers Cup

11:35am Max Martinelli, Ascendo Coffee
11:48am Grant Wunderlich, Madcap Coffee Company
12:01pm Alyssa Bell, Taproom Coffee
12:14pm Tyler Duncan, Topeca Coffee Roasters
12:27pm Marvin Duncan, East Pole Coffee Co
12:40pm Richie Arndorfer, Flatlands Coffee
12:53pm Carter Page, Portola Coffee Roasters
1:06pm Chris Porto, Boomtown Coffee
1:19pm Laura Marie Fucella, D Squared Java
1:57pm Munir Mohammed, Shortwave Coffee
2:10pm Weihong Zhang, BlendIn Coffee Club
2:23pm Ben Martin, Madcap Coffee Company
2:36pm Ben Willis, One Line Coffee
2:49pm Zach Stamey, Hex Coffee
3:02pm Austin C Bowers, Third Wave Coffee
3:15pm Dustin Thomas, Bongo Roasting Co
3:28pm Kristina Jackson
3:41pm Ben Phillips, Stumptown Coffee
3:54pm Brett Keller, La Colombe
4:07pm Ben Fitt, Outpost Coffee Kauai
4:20pm Chelsea Dubay, Joe Van Gogh

Matt Foster

Coffee in Good Spirits

10:05am Joanna Lareau, Blue Bottle Coffee
10:20am Linnea True, Boxcar Coffee Roasters
10:35am Mo Koolphanich, Slipstream
10:50am Taylor Giroux, George Howell Coffee Company
11:05am Eric Perez, Stumptown Coffee
11:20am Cyrenthia Ngueya, Onyx Coffee Lab
11:35am Matt Foster, Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co
11:50am Mika Turbo

Samuel Demisse

Cup Tasters

10:35am Heat One
Adrianne Burnap, InterAmerican Coffee
Matt Brosinski, Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Co
Aaron Duckworth, Parisi Coffee
Alan Smith, Lamplighter Coffee Roasters

11:35am Heat Two
Samuel Demisse, Keffa Coffee
Jeff Mooney, Folly Coffee Roasters
Jon McCann, Boxcar Coffee Roasters
Sarah Hise, Stovetop Roasters

12:35pm Heat Three
Mehmet Sogan, Memli Coffee Lab
Bear Solivan, Onyx Coffee Lab
Amit Manocha, CafeTracker
Julien Langevin, Bard Coffee

2:35pm Heat Four
Adam Holroyd, Contrast Coffee Company
Eduardo Choza, Mayorga Organics
Jonathan Stauf, Ascendo Coffee
Sylwia Padiasek, Brooklyn Roasting Company

3:35pm Heat Five
Kim Nguyen, Intelligentsia Coffee
Aaron Lerner, SkyTop Coffee
James May Lee
Harry Winkler, Saxby’s

4:35pm Heat Six
Max Martinelli, Ascendo Coffee
Danielle Pittner, Irving Farm
Munir Mohammed, Shortwave Coffee
Charles Lambert, Boxcar Coffee Roasters

5:35pm Heat Seven
Justin Lacher, Intelligentsia Coffee
Rob Bathe, Folly Coffee Roasters
Mike Miller, Dillanos Coffee Roasters
Kyle Tabor, Blue Sail Coffee

Roasters Championship

10:00am Stephen Welch
10:06am Ben Young, Blue Sail Coffee
10:12am Jeremy Moore, Bonlife Coffee Roasters
10:18am Adam Holroyd, Contrast Coffee Company
11:00am Janine Melnick, Joe Bean Coffee Roasters
11:06am Kennth Thomas, Umble Coffee Co
11:12am Baylee Engberg, Dillanos Coffee Roasters
11:18am Hugh Morretta, La Colombe
12:00pm Jason Burkum, Archetype Coffee
12:06pm Kyle Hookstra, Westrock Coffee
12:12pm Tony Anderson, Three Story Coffee
12:18pm Michael Mann, The Roasted Record
2:00pm Chisum Ngai, Coffee Project NY
2:06pm Jillion P Potter, Coda Coffee
2:12pm Tony Vo, Waterbean Coffee
2:18pm Marty Langford, Seeds Coffee Co
3:00pm Aaron MacDougall, Broadsheet Coffee Roasters
3:06pm Jess Harmon, Cultivate Coffee
3:12pm Grace McCutchan, Red Rooster Coffee Roaster
3:18pm Evan Inatome, Elixr Coffee