Here’s Who’s Moving On From The US Coffee Champs Denver Event

And as quickly as it began, The US Coffee Championships Qualifying Event in Denver, Colorado has come to a close. For the first time in the Qualifiers’ short history, a total of five events took place under one roof: the Barista Championship, Brewers Cup, Cup Tasters, Roasters Championships, and for the first time, Coffee in Good Spirits.

The number of competitors to take one of the five stages over the two-day weekend event was in the hundreds. It was an action packed weekend; in every corner of the convention center was a non-stop coffee competition. But now the dust has settled and we know who will be moving on to compete at the national stage of the 2019 US Coffee Championships taking place in Kansas City, Missouri later this March. Let’s find out who they are, shall we?

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Barista Championship

  1. Sam Neely, Switchback Coffee Roasters
  2. Andrea Allen, Onyx Coffee Lab
  3. Emily Orendorff, Boxcar Coffee Roasters
  4. Cassie Ash, Small Planes Coffee
  5. Hugo Cano, Independent
  6. Naida Lindberg, Verve Coffee
  7. Reef Bessette, The Coffee Movement
  8. Joel Bigelow, Messenger Coffee
  9. Hana Kaneshige, Counter Culture Coffee
  10. Raechel Hurd, Epoch Coffee
  11. Milo DeGoosh, Bard Coffee
  12. Matthew Barahura, Intelligentsia Coffee
  13. Austin Amento, Augie’s Coffee
  14. Kristi Persinger, Stumptown Coffee Roasters
  15. Meg Skop, Equator Coffees & Teas
  16. Douglas Park, Independent
  17. Maxwell Mooney, Narrative Coffee
  18. Morgan Eckroth, Tried & True Coffee Co

Brewers Cup

  1. Jacob White, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters
  2. Kaley Gann, Messenger Coffee
  3. Justin McCormick-Goodhart, Sweet Bloom Coffee
  4. Lance Hedrick, Onyx Coffee Lab
  5. Joshua Modisette, Narrative Coffee
  6. Madeleine Longoria-Garcia, Independent
  7. Augustine Toscano, Windmill Coffee
  8. Avery Leith, Elixr Coffee
  9. Blair Smith, Augie’s Coffee
  10. Stephen White, Joe Coffee Co
  11. Nicholai Elkins, Switchback Coffee Roasters
  12. Kelly Hill, Temple Coffee Roasters

Coffee in Good Spirits

  1. Sam Schroeder, Olympia Coffee
  2. Kimhak Em, Peixoto Coffee Roasters
  3. Joshua Smith, West Oak Coffee Bar
  4. Michael Slomzenski, Huckleberry Roasters
  5.  Kasey Headley, Trinity Street Coffee Bar

Cup Tasters

  1. Sebastian Legner, Copper Door Coffee Roasters
  2. Chris Kornman, Royal Coffee
  3. Jen Apodaca, Royal Coffee
  4. Chloe O’Connor, Everyman Espresso
  5. Scott MacBride, InterAmerican Coffee
  6. Roman Deshong, Amethyst Coffee Co
  7. Kevin Nealon, Huckleberry Roasters
  8. Andy Sprenger, Sweet Bloom Coffee
  9. Jin Chiew, Sweet Bloom Coffee
  10. Austin Amento, Augie’s Coffee
  11. Michael Schroeder, Oddly Correct
  12. Noah Goodman, Faema
  13. Khristian Yurchak, Sisters Coffee Co
  14. Brandon Despain, Caffe Ibis
  15. Jie Jiang, Andante Coffee Roasters

Roasters Championship

  1. Andrew Oberholzer, Joe Coffee Co
  2. Shelby Williamson, Huckleberry Roasters
  3. Jen Apodaca, Royal Coffee
  4. Leo Sideras, Independent
  5. Evan Inatome, Elixr Coffee
  6. Aaron Rollins, Caffe Ibis
  7. Hugh Morretta, La Colombe Coffee Roasters
  8. Daniel Mauck, Social Hour Coffee Roasters
  9. Mark Boccard, Southdown Coffee
  10. Weston Nawrocki, Manzanita Roasting Co
  11. Andrew Burgason, Windmill Coffee
  12. Nathan Van Dusen, Brio Coffeeworks

Thanks for tuning in! We’ll see you in Nashville!