2019 US Coffee Champs Nashville Competitor Schedule, Day One

Here’s everyone competing at Day One of the US Coffee Champs Qualifying Event in Nashville.

With half the field for the US Coffee Championships already set thanks to last month’s Qualifying Event in Denver, Colorado, it’s time to turn our attention to Nashville, Tennessee, where the remaining baristas, brewers, cuppers, coffee mixologists, and roasters will battle it out this weekend, January 12th and 13th, for the final spots in the national round of competition. There will be a whopping 200 coffee professionals who will find their ways to one of the five comp stages at Track One, the Nashville event space hosting CoffeeChamps this weekend.

Day One will field the first half, with the non-stop action beginning at 9:00am and not letting up until well into the five o’clock hour. There’s no shortage of big names on Day One, from both competitors and powerhouse coffee companies. So let’s meet them, shall we?

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Steph Caronna

Barista Championship

11:10am Rory Ferguson, Buona Caffe
11:22am Becca DeBoer, Duluth Coffee Co
11:34am William Buchanan, Broadsheet Coffee Roasters
11:46am Sarah Hise, Independent
11:58am Maud Hasler, Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co
12:10pm Kate Eichler, Free Press Coffee House
12:22pm Barry Taft, Independent
12:34pm Trevor Gruehn, Bradbury’s Coffee
12:46pm Isaiah Kearney, Davis Cookware & Coffee
12:58pm Kay Cheon, Dune Coffee Roasters
1:21pm Rachel Diaz, Flatlands Coffee
1:33pm Chris Marinuzzi, Ogawa Coffee
1:45pm Rodrigo Vargas, Rival Bros Coffee Roasters
1:57pm Kara Huckabone, Milan Coffee Works
2:09pm Domonic Miramontes, Brown Coffee
2:21pm Jenna Gotthelf, Counter Culture Coffee
2:33pm Alex Werth, Blueprint Coffee
2:45pm Jordan McClone, Colectivo Coffee
2:57pm Jimmy Truong, Epilogue Roasters
3:09pm Sawyer Beckely, Backyard Beans Coffee Co
3:32pm Camille Bevans, Nossa Familia Coffee
3:44pm Zedeeka Fulay, One Line Coffee
3:56pm Joseph Monett, Cafe Grumpy
4:08pm Robert Uribe Jr, Cherry Street Coffee House
4:20pm Samuel Schaefer, Stovetop Roasters
4:32pm Ethan Scott, Vice & Virtue Coffee
4:44pm Alex Kim, Black Fox Coffee Co
4:56pm Leah Ritsema, Madcap Coffee Co
5:08pm Steph Caronna, North Carolina Museum of Art
5:20pm Sara Gill, Mama Mochas

Brewers Cup

9:00am Craig Batory, White Pine Coffee
9:25am Richard Arndorfer, Flatlands Coffee
9:50am Jacob Cordie, Brandywine Coffee Roasters
10:15am Matthew Adams, Backyard Beans Coffee Co
10:40am Paul Menefee, Archetype Coffee
11:05am John Kruegler, Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Co
11:30am Marla Villar-Martin, Greater Goods Coffee Roasters
11:55am Tyler Liedman, True Stone Coffee Roasters
12:20pm Robert Varner, Sump Coffee
1:55pm Cody Barnhart, Vienna Coffee Co
2:25pm Matthew Brosinski, Mudhouse Coffee Roasters
2:50pm Ben Martin, Madcap Coffee Co
3:15pm Jake McFarland, Prevail Coffee
3:40pm Felix Felix, Dune Coffee Roasters
4:05pm Sarah Lambeth, Congregation Coffee Roasters
4:30pm Blake Nail, Seeds Coffee Co
4:55pm Kenneth Selby, Vashon Coffee Co
5:20pm Jennifer Hwang, Klatch Coffee

Coffee in Good Spirits

10:00am Alex Albanese, Flux Coffee
10:15am John Martin, LAMILL
10:30am Theda McCutchan, Red Rooster Coffee Roaster/JT Cooper
10:45am Leo-Charles Salerno, Greater Goods Coffee Roasters
11:00am Joel Cronenberg, Provision Coffee
11:15am Lindy Schubring, Greyhouse Coffee & Supply Co
12:05pm Taylor Dyer, Ceremony Coffee Roasters
12:20pm Rachel Huffman, Dose Nashville
12:35pm John D. Martin, Peixoto Coffee Roasters
12:50pm Brian Beyke, Quills Coffee
1:05pm Nathanael Mehrens, Stay Golden
1:20pm Matt Foster, Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co

Cup Tasters

10:35am Heat 1
Joshua Edens, Onyx Coffee Lab
Jeremy Moore, Bonlife Coffee Roasters
Rob Bathe, Folly Coffee Roasters
Matthew McDaniel, Summit Coffee

11:35am Heat 2
Cameron Metzinger, Backyard Beans Coffee Co
Jennifer Hwang, Klatch Coffee
Bear Soliven, Onyx Coffee Lab
Jeff Mooney, Folly Coffee Roasters

12:35pm Heat 3
Charles Hilton, Whatever Coffee
Marie Hucal, Independent
Anthony Burrows Jr, La Colombe
Elisabeth Johnson, Venture Coffee Co

2:35pm Heat 4
Ethan Scott, Vice & Virtue Coffee
Summer Zhang, Onyx Coffee Lab
Aaron Lerner, SkyTop Coffee
Amy Duell, Oceana Coffee

3:35pm Heat 5
Mike Miller, Dillanos Coffee Roasters
Kienan Stubstad, Bandit Coffee Co
Spencer Aidukaits, Peixoto Coffee Roasters

4:35pm Heat 6
Steve Cuevas, Black Oak Coffee Roasters
Ben Young, Foundation Coffee
Elliott Spencer, Independent
Evan Inatome, Elixr Coffee Roasters

Roasters Championship

Heat 1
11:00am Mike Cunniff, Great Basin Coffee Co
11:06am Kenneth Thomas, Umble Coffee Co
11:12am Ben Schellack, Penstock Coffee Roasters
11:18am Rob J Rodriguez, George Howell Coffee

Heat 2
12:00pm Arsalan Pourmand, Flux Coffee
12:06pm Derek Garde, Yield Coffee Roasters
12:12pm Matthew McLaughlin, Starved Rock Coffee Co
12:18pm Ian Caceres, Bloom City Coffee Co

Heat 3
1:00pm Remington Bixby Hothkis, Bixby Roasting Co
1:06pm Sara Gibson, Greater Good Coffee Roasting Co
1:12pm Will Shurtz, Methodical Coffee
1:18pm David Morris, Curio Coffee Roasters

Heat 4
3:00pm Jeremy Moore, Bonlife Coffee Roasters
3:06pm Elliot Reinecke, Steady State Roasting
3:12pm Jason Burkum, Archetype Coffee
3:18pm Javier Medrano, Swings Coffee Roasters

Heat 5
4:00pm Ting Shen, Asip Coffee Roasters
4:06pm José René Martínez, J.René Coffee Roasters
4:12pm Kyle Hookstra, Westrock Coffee
4:18pm Sam Kayser, Lone Oak Coffee Co

SprudgeLive’s coverage of the 2019 US Coffee Champs is made possible by Joe Glo and Mahlkönig. All of SprudgeLive’s 2019 competition coverage is made possible by AcaiaBaratzaFaemaCafe Imports, and Wilbur Curtis.