US Barista Championship Knoxville Qualifying Event – Day One Schedule

The schedule for Day One of the Barista Championship in Knoxville, Tennessee.

And so begins another action packed season of barista competition! We’re kicking off the 2017 season in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee, where 59 competitors will be taking the stage over the course of the weekend in hopes of earning a spot in the US Barista Championship happening later this year in Seattle.

29 competitors are going to give it their all today, hoping to dazzle during their 10-minute presentation where they will serve judges (and guest judges) two courses: espresso and a signature beverage; no milkies during the qualifying rounds. Once all the dust has settled, 18 baristas will move on to Seattle to fight for the title of US Barista Champion.

But first they have to make it through today. Here are the competitors for Day One of the US Barista Championship Qualifying Even in Knoxville.

Follow along with our minute-by-minute live tweeting over on @SprudgeLive, and be sure to check out the Livestream here.’s coverage of the 2017 US Coffee Champs is made possible by Urnex Brands and Nuova Simonelli.

11:10am Louis Colon, Fuego Coffee Roasters, Rochester, NY

11:22am Chris Vigilante, Vigilante Coffee Co, Hyattsville, MD @vigilantecoffee

11:34am Kyle Ramage, Mahlkonig USA, Raleigh, NC @kyle_rampage @mahlkonigusa

11:46am David Hall, Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co, St. Louis, MO @kaldis_coffee

11:58am Sarah Wallick, Blue Bottle Coffee, Oakland, CA @bluebottleroast

12:10pm Micah Sherer, Ally Coffee, Greenville, SC @allycoffee_

12:22pm Evan Pollitt, Summit Coffee Co, Cornelius, NC @summitcoffee

12:34pm Collin Schneider, Bespoken Coffee Roasters, Corvalis, OR @bespokencoffee

12:46pm Robbie Melton, Steadfast Coffee, Nashville, TN @robbiepmelton @steadfastcoffee

12:58pm Cris Mendoza, Saint Frank Coffee, San Francisco, CA @stfrankcoffee

1:10pm Jonathan Miller, Madcap Coffee, Grand Rapids, MI @madcapcoffee

1:22pm Christopher Owens, Prevail Union Coffee, Auburn, AL @prevailunion

1:46pm Allison Bouley, Peregrine Espresso, Washington DC @peregrinedc

1:58pm Wolf Marnell, Broadcast Coffee Roasters, Cambridge, MA @misterbarn @broadsheetroast

2:10pm David Piazza, Collective Coffee Co, Charleston, SC

2:22pm Sam Brown, Stone Creek Coffee, Milwaukee, WI @stonecreekcoffe

2:34pm Derrick Wessels, Beagle Coffee Co, Fort Collins, CO @beaglecoffeeco

2:46pm Eli Ramirez, Halfwit Coffee, Chicago, IL @eli_ramirez237 @halfwitcoffee

2:58pm Tiffany Green, Blueprint Coffee, St. Louis, MO @tiffdgreen @blueprintcoffee

3:10pm Ruth Valdez, Populace Coffee, Bay City, MI @populacecoffee

3:22pm Margaret Dixon, Swing’s Coffee Roasters, Alexandria, VA @swingscoffee

3:34pm Maurice Moulton, Catalina Cafe, Tallahassee, FL @mwm_411 @catalinacafe

3:46pm Tito Pena, The Wydown Coffeebar, Washington DC @thewydown

3:58pm Maggie Snow, Chattahoochee Coffee Co, Atlanta, GA @mschaef42 @chattcoffee

4:10pm Michael Riopel, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, New York, NY @irvingfarm

4:22pm Peter Leonard, Little Amps Coffee Roasters, Harrisburg, PA @peterallanhbg @littleamps

4:34pm Erik Czuprinski, River City Roasters, Wheaton, IL @rivercityroast

4:46pm Abby Lancaster, Axum Coffee, Winter Garden, IL @axumcoffee

4:58pm Erika Vonie, Variety Coffee Roasters, Brooklyn, NY @okan_eerieevil @varietyroasters