Welcome To SprudgeLive

[stag_intro]Welcome to SprudgeLive, a brand new portal for our comprehensive worldwide barista competition coverage. We’ve designed the all-new SprudgeLive page expressly for your enjoyment, and you’ll be able to use SprudgeLive.com to follow the very best in barista competition coverage all around the world. [/stag_intro]


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Our style of covering these events includes photos of every competitor, routine details and recaps, links and information sharing, and a non-stop Twitter voice that “calls” the big moments from each routine live as it happens, similar to sports play-by-play. You can follow along with our coverage of barista competitions around the world by following @SprudgeLive on Twitter. And you can visit SprudgeLive.com each day throughout the competition season for regular updates and news from across the barista competition world.

We’re launching this week in conjunction with the 2015 Big Western Barista Competition, which also marks the beginning of our fourth consecutive season covering the United States Barista Championship cycle. In the coming weeks and months you’ll see more barista competition coverage pouring in to SprudgeLive.com from Sprudge’s worldwide network of reporters and contributors. Thank you for joining us, and we hope you’ll make SprudgeLive.com part of your barista competition watching experience.