US Barista Championship Austin Qualifying Event, Day Two

Hello again from Austin, Texas! Sprudge Media Network is pleased to bring you this day two barista competition coverage of the Austin qualifying competitions for the 2017 U.S Coffee Championships. Coverage comes to you live from Austin, TX, produced by Zac Cadwalader with photography by Charlie Burt and Elizabeth Chai. Thanks for following us at @SprudgeLive on Twitter for all our live coverage of the barista competition this weekend, and for following @Sprudge on Instagram and Facebook for the sights and sounds from around the event.’s coverage of the 2017 US Coffee Champs is made possible by Urnex Brands and Nuova Simonelli.

Becky Reeves, Barista, Portland, OR – 251.5 pts

Coffee today for is made up of washed heirloom varieties from Chelbessa in the Guji Zone in Ethiopia, at 1900MASL

Espresso for has notes of white cane sugar sweetness, honeysuckle florality, assam black tea, and a pomelo acidity

Barrel aged honey, mango, and fresh pink peppercorn in those sig bevs for . Nitro charged, garnished w/ rosemary and mango

“Place one finger on the garnish so it doesn’t boop you on the nose.” Practical sig bev drinking instructions from

Hugo Cano, Folclor, Orange, CA – 203 pts

Coffee for Cano is the Tchembe, a natural processed Ethiopia grown by and roasted by

Oooo Cano’s sig bev is a coffee tepache, a drink made generally made by fermenting pineapple rind.

Along with tepache, Cano’s sig bev includes piloncillo honey and espresso.

Paging Hugo Cano. The Sprudge Live desk would like samples of your sig bev. or just a pitcher of tepache.

Kevin Caraway, Coffea Rosterie & Espresso Bar, Sioux Falls, SD – 176.5 pts

Up next is Kevin Caraway of Coffea Rosterie & Espresso Bar in Sioux Falls, SD

It’s a washed Caturra grown at 1750MASL in Huila, Colombia for Caraway.

Lime like acidty with notes of plum, cherry, and red wine for Caraway’s Huila espressos.

Sig bev includes black cherry grenadine with cardamom & vanilla, served in a palo santo wood smoked glass rimmed with lime.

Ashley Rodriguez, The CRO Cafe, Oakland, CA – 274 pts

Up next is Ashley Rodriguez of The CRO Cafe in Oakland, CA

Coffee for is from Nuevo Amanecer in Narino, Colombia. Fully washed Castillo & Caturra varieties roasted by

“This espresso screams power.” notes in ‘s spros: big tangerine acidity, brown sugar sweetness, and a hazelnut like finish

“This sig bev is an ode to your power” –

Guava syrup, gum Arabic, apple cider vinegar, finished with a tangerine zest for ‘s powerful sig bev.

Becky Tachihara, Vertical Coffee Roasters, Reno, NV – 188 pts

Coming up next is Becky Tachihara of Vertical Coffee Roasters in Reno, NV 

Tachihara competes with a naturally processed coffee grown by Timoteo Minas-Paredes in Antigua, Guatemala.

Very cool to see a naturally processed Guatemalan coffee in the competition today. That’s a rare bird.

Peach pie sweetness in the aroma, with orange acidity, stone fruit and a cinnamon finish for Tachihara’s natural Guatemala spro.

Cinnamon, clove, and dark brown sugar spiced cream mixed with espresso and aerated using a French press for Tachihara’s sig bev.

Adam Solomon, Joe Bean Coffee Roasters, Rochester, NY – 139 pts

Moving on now to Adam Solomon of Joe Bean Coffee Roasters in Rochester, NY 

Fully washed AA SL-28 and SL-34 grown at 1600-1800MASL from Kirinyaga, Kenya for Solomon today.

Lime acidity, sweet tart tamarind, florals, and cinnamon spice for Solomon’s Kenya spro.

Similar notes of lime acidity, sweet tart tamarind, florals, and cinnamon spice in Solomon’s sig bev as well.

Solomon’s sig bev includes Acid phosphate, tonic, and garnished with a lime peel.

Andrea Allen, Onyx Coffee Lab, Springdale, AR – 292.5 pts


Up next is the first of back-to-back 2016 US Barista Finalists. It’s Andrea Allen of Onyx Coffee Lab in Springdale, AR

Allen competes with a washed processed Geisha from Cerra Azul in Colombia. She’s competed with natural Colombia Geishas in past years.

Floral and rose like aroma, raspberry, brown sugar sweetness, lime acidity, and jasmine tea in those Cerra Azul Geisha spros for Allen

Whoa, Allen before serving her sig bevs, Allen is washing the judge’s hands with rosewater.

Clarified milk, rose water, acid phosphate, with a cinnamon stick stir for Allen’s sig bev.

What was the biggest impact of origin trips for Allen? “I got to be changed by kindness.”

Devin Chapman, Coffee Manufactory, San Francisco, CA – 280.5 pts

Time for another 2016 US Barista finalist, Devin Chapman of Coffee Manufactory in San Francisco, CA  

didn’t start his routine with 90’s emo. it’s an unwelcome break from tradition.

Terrazos del Pisque is a project of Arnaud Causse, a French agronomist looking to highlight the terroir of Ecuador.

Lime, green apple, and fig in the effervescent spros for . “These are the flavors of Ecuador.”

Apple cider vinegar, a simple simple syrup, and lemongrass sparkling water for ‘s sig bev.

And Devin Chapman of calls time on a 90’s emo-less performance.

Raechel Hurd, Epoch Coffee, Austin, TX – 196.5 pts

Now up is a hometown competitor, Austin’s own Raechel Hurd of Epoch Coffee

Coffee today for Hurd comes from Cauca, Colombia, roasted by Austin’s

Citrus floral aroma, sparkling acidity, with a milk chocolate finish for the Cauca spros by Hurd.

Homemade grenadine, Mediterranean tonic, espresso, all shaken over ice for Hurd’s sig bev.

Anna Sutkowski, Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters, Denver, CO – 228 pts

Now up is Anna Sutkowski, Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters, Denver, CO

Coffee for Sutkowski is a Pink Bourbon from La Estrella in Colombia, a cross of Red and Yellow Bourbon

Cherry aromatics, ruby red grapefruit, limeade sweetness, & a dark chocolate bittersweet finish in Sutkowski’s Pink Bourbon espresso course

Ice cubes made of centrifuged white grape juice, coffee blossom honey, & Kalita Wave brewed Pink Bourbon anchor Sutkowski’s sig bev


Rebecca Siahaan, Colectivo Coffee, Milwaukee, WI – 187 PTS

Now up is Rebecca Siahaan of Colectivo Coffee in Milwaukee, WI 

It’s a washed Peru from the Chirinos Coop for Siahaan.

Medium body with a malty sweetness in the Peruvian spros for Siahaan. Tropical grapefruit acidity and a hint of bittersweet chocolate

Want to try ‘s Peru Chirinos? It can be purchased here:

Pisco sour sig bev for Siahaan contains espresso, egg whites, hibiscus, honey, ginger, and grapefruit

Joshua Piers, Trinity Street Coffee Bar, Decatur, TX – 131.5 pts


Now up is Joshua Piers of Trinity Street Coffee Bar in Decatur, TX

Piers starts off with a Gene Wilder Willy Wonka line.

It’s a lactic acetic mixed processed coffee from La Palma y El Tucan in Colombia for Piers.

Spros for Piers include sweet caramel and red grape aromas, notes of caramel, plum, and a skittles candy finish.

Pineapple, lulo fruit pulp, panela reduction, and garnished with star anise for Piers’ sig bev.

Sam Schroeder, Olympia Coffee Roasting Co, Olympia, WA – 253 pts

Oh look, it’s another 2016 USBC finalist. It’s Sam Schroeder of Olympia Coffee Roasting Co in Olympia, WA  

“Coffee’s flavor is created at the farm” and “I as the barista am the curator” –

Grapefruit, apricot, hibiscus, oolong, with a hint of rose are all flavors naturally found in ‘s espresso.

Coffee for is Gesha from Colombia, grown by Mauricio Shatta at 2100MASL.

Sig bev for includes champagne mango, orange blossom honey syrup, and a minneola rim

is the first competitor this weekend to serve the sig bev first. Many started prep first, but all served after the spro.

Dustin Mattson, Counter Culture Coffee, Atlanta, GA – 242.5 pts

Now up is Dustin Mattson of Counter Culture Coffee in Atlanta, GA 

Coffee today for Mattson is the Las Murgas from Narino, Colombia.

Matton’s spros have notes of Cane sugar, dark cherry, and unsweetened chocolate.

Tamarind nectar, macadamia milk, and cacao nib in Mattson’s sig bev.

Courtney Tryc, MADCAP COFFEE, Grand Rapids, MI – 209.5 pts

Up next is Courtney Tryc of Madcap Coffee in Grand Rapids, MI

Coffee for is from the Kanzu Cooperative in the Nyamsheke Region of Kanzu, Rwanda

Apricot, orange peel, and cardamom flavor notes from ‘s Kanzu Coop espresso

Sig bev for Tryc includes Plum & lemon syrup and aquafaba, a flavorless viscous liquid left over from chickpeas.

Joshua Smith, West Oak Coffee Roaster, Denton, TX – 135.5 pts (dq)

Up now is Joshua Smith of West Oak Coffee Roaster in Denton, TX  

Coffee for is a lactic acid fermented Geisha from La Palma y El Tucan.

is , as both competitors from the West Oak family (Piers from Trinity St) are rockin’ their coffees.

Candy granny smith apple and brown cane sugar and honey sweetness in ‘s La Palma y El Tucan espressos

Sig bev for includes watermelon juice, lemon juice, panela reduction, and !!!squid ink!!!

Andrew Frohn, Ultimo Coffee, Philadelphia, PA – 252.5 pts


Now to the stage is Andrew Frohn of Ultimo Coffee in Philadelphia, PA 

Coffee for Frohn comes from Las Mingas in Colombia, sourced through

Las Mingas espresso for Frohn have notes of vanilla pound cake, black cherry, orange zest, and milk chocolate finish. Stirred 20 times.

Cara cara orange juice, raw turbinado sugar syrup, and egg whites in Frohn’s sig bev.

Orange rum cake, mulled cider, and thai basil flavor notes in the Frohn’s sig bev.

Michelle Johnson, Presta Coffee Roasters, Phoenix, AZ – 136 pts (dq)

Up now is Michelle Johnson of Presta Coffee Roasters in Phoenix, AZ

Ethiopian Guji coffee today for , w/ a punchy acidity, notes of demamara syrup and grapefruit pith.

If there’s something that has the power to make a postive change around the world, it’s coffee, so says and we def agree.

Sig bev for includes tulsi leaf tea, white grapefruit oil, and desert wildflower honey

Josh Taves, Novo Coffee, Denver, CO – 240 pts

Now up is Josh Taves of Novo Coffee in Denver, CO 

Taves is building up a flavor library for the judges, letting them taste things that will be found in his spro’s flavor profile.

It’s the washed Kemgin from Kochere, Ethiopia by for Taves.

Pear nectar, lime juice, and Kemgin in the sig bev for Taves here at .

Suzy Lippman, Augies Coffee, Redlands, CA – 220 pts

Now up is Suzy Lippman of Augies Coffee in Redlands, CA 

Coffee for Lippman is a honey processed Heirloom Bourbon from Burundi by

More on the soundtrack. But is it too much to ask for some or Acid Rap please?

Apple cider vinegar, black cherry juice, candied sugar, and aromatic spritz for Lippman’s sig bev.

Melissa Calvert, Two Rivers Coffee, Denver, CO – 170 pts

Next up is Melissa Calvert of Two Rivers Coffee in Denver, CO  

Coffee for comes from El Diamante in Nicaragua.

Fully washed, the Nicaraguan spro for has notes of red delicious apple and organic cane sugar.

Homemade organic apple cider is the base for ‘s sig bev

Nathan Dela Cruz, Daylight Mind Coffee Co, Kailua Kona, HI – 181 pts

Up now is Nathan Dela Cruz of Daylight Mind Coffee Co in Kailua Kona, HI 

Dela Cruz starts off the set with AC/DC’s Back in Black. Dela Cruz is in fact not in black, but a nice blue floral print

We’ve got American coffee. Dela Cruz is using coffee from Fire Island coffee in Captian Hook, Kona, Hawaii.

It’s a “Heritage” coffee, an Old Hawaiian coffee

Notes in Dela Cruz’s espressos are orange, chocolate, brownie batter, and cherry cordial

Sig bev for Dela Cruz includes cherry simple syrup, cherry steeped water, orange zest, xanthan gum, & dried papaya seeds

Tyler Hill, Loyal Coffee, Colorado Springs, CO – 243.5 pts

Up next is Tyler Hill of Loyal Coffee in Colorado Springs, CO 

Coffee for is a naturally processed Geisha from Finca Santa Teresa in Panama.

Orange and rose aromatics, jasmine, tangerine, and prune notes in the Panama Geisha for .

Sig bev for includes star anise, chili flake simple syrup, and Earl Grey tea smoke

Chelsea Rae, The Roost, Lawrence, KS – 212 pts


Up next is Chelsea Rae of The Roost in Lawrence, KS

Rae is competing using a washed Colombian coffee, Finca El Islote, roasted by Repetition Coffee.

Rae’s coffee took 4th in this year’s Best of Cauca Cup.

Notes of tamarind and sweet molasses in the espresso course for Rae.

Sig bev for Rae includes tamarind, panela, and egg whites, with smudged thyme in the glass.

David Castillo, Joe Coffee Co, New York, NY – 237.5 pts


Moving on now we have David Castillo of Joe Coffee Co in New York, NY 

Castillo is serving a fully washed Ethiopia Hamacho Waeno in Sidamo.

25 days off roast, Castillo is using a blend of two different roast profiles of the Hamacho Waeno.

Lemon lime acidity, cooked peach, brown sugar sweetness, jasmine, vanilla, and toasted almond finish for Castillo’s espresso notes.

A take on an Arnold Palmer, Castillo’s sig bev: Black tea & cooked peach, whey separated from whole milk by orange juice, & agave syrup

Lorenzo Perkins, Fleet Coffee, Austin, TX – 267.5 pts

Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in. It’s Lorenzo Perkins of Fleet Coffee in Austin, TX  

First order of business for the judges from : pinch your nose and eat this jelly bean.

When you’re a Texas barista at a competition in Texas, you give your judges sidecars of . there is no alternative

Coffee for is the Juliana Melo lot from Galeras, Colombia roasted by

Guava, peach like acidity, syrupy mouthfeel, with a cacao nib finish for espresso course

Orange blossom spritz, cascara ice cubes, demarara sugar simple syrup, finished with a hit of cream for sig bev

Sig bev “should remind us of drinking coffee for the first time” from of

David Fasman, Huckleberry Roasters, Denver, CO – 233.5 pts

Next up is David Fasman of Huckleberry Roasters in Denver, CO  

It’s the Burundi Gitwe from for .

Grown at 2100 MASL, the 100% Bourbon is fully washed at the Heza washing station.

Orange, date, turbinado sugar, orange rind and dark chocolate bitterness in the Gitwe espressos for

Dried fig, turbinado sugar, and cream cheese comprise ‘s sig bev.

Cream cheese sig bev. It’s just so crazy it might work.

Preston Miller, Ozo Coffee Co, Boulder, CO – 173.5 pts

Going up now is Preston Miller of Ozo Coffee Co in Boulder, CO 

Miller competes with coffee from Finca El Faldón in Colombia, a former Cup of Excellence winner.

Notes of cherry, grapefruit, and a tarragon like finish for Miller.

It is not a coffee competition until you hear ‘s Coffee. It has yet to be a coffee comp until this very moment.

Fig, blood orange, and a flamed blood orange peel aromatic for Miller’s sig bev.

Matthew Gasaway, Intelligentsia Coffee, Los Angeles, CA – 259 pts

Now on stage is Matthew Gasaway of Intelligentsia Coffee in Los Angeles, CA 

Coffee for Gasaway is a blend of four farms from Narino, Colombia, grown at 1800-2100MASL. It’s a mix of Caturra, Castillo, and Colombia

Green apple, raspberry, lime, and brown sugar in those Colombia espressos for Gasaway.

“For the signature beverage course, i wanted to make something that represented forging relationships” – Matthew Gasaway

Orange infusion, apple cider vinegar, and mint aromatics for Gasaway’s sig ben.

Talya Strader, Equator Coffee & Teas, San Francisco, CA – 281 pts


Last up is Talya Strader of Equator Coffee & Teas in San Francisco, CA 

Coffee for Strader comes from Finca Genesis in Costa Rica grown at 1700MASL, a mix of Caturra and Typica that has been white honey processed

Meyer lemon spritz, vanilla bean, fresh young coconut, xanthan gum, and passion fruit ice cubes for Strader’s sig bev.

Meyer lemon, vanilla, dry cocoa and nuts in Strader’s espresso course.

Thanks for tuning in! See you in Seattle!