US Barista Championship Austin Qualifying Event – Day Two Schedule

Can you believe it? We are just 30 competitors away from knowing exactly who will be going to Seattle to compete in the 2017 US Barista Championship. If you thought the Day One action was serious, then you may want to sit down for Day Two. Three–count ’em three–finalists from last year’s US Barista Championship will be competing today, all within the course of a little over an hour. Not exactly lightweights, dude.

Once the dust settles, we’ll have the top six competitors, each earning a bye into the semi-final round of the national stage taking place later on this year in April. The next 12 highest scoring baristas will also be joining them in Seattle, but they won’t have the good fortune of the bye. There they will meet the other 18 barista competitors who already earned their spots during the first qualifying event in Knoxville.

But for now, these 30 have to make it through their 10 minute routines. Here is the schedule of who will be competing at Day Two of the US Barista Championship qualifying event in Austin.

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11:10am Becky Reeves, Barista, Portland, OR @becksreeves @baristapdx

11:22am Hugo Cano, Folclor, Orange, CA

11:34am Kevin Caraway, Coffea Rosterie & Espresso Bar, Sioux Falls, SD @coffearoasterie

11:46am Ashley Rodriguez, The CRO Cafe, Oakland, CA @ashcommonname @thecrocafe

11:58am Becky Tachihara, Vertical Coffee Roasters, Reno, NV @whengeeksfly

12:10pm Adam Solomon, Joe Bean Coffee Roasters, Rochester, NY @joebeanroasters

12:22pm Andrea Allen, Onyx Coffee Lab, Springdale, AR @onyxcoffeelab

12:34pm Devin Chapman, Coffee Manufactory, San Francisco, CA @devchap @coffeemnfctry

12:46pm Raechel Hurd, Epoch Coffee, Austin, TX @francisrae @epochcoffee

12:58pm Anna Sutkowski, Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters, Denver, CO @swtblmcoffee

1:10pm Rebecca Siahaan, Colectivo Coffee, Milwaukee, WI @colectivocoffee

1:22pm Joshua Piers, Trinity Street Coffee Bar, Decatur, TX

1:34pm Sam Schroeder, Olympia Coffee Roasting Co, Olympia, WA @s_schro @olympiacoffee

1:46pm Dustin Mattson, Counter Culture Coffee, Atlanta, GA @counter_culture

1:58pm Trevor Gruehn, Bradbury’s Coffee, Madison, WI @variable_coffee

2:10pm Joshua Smith, West Oak Coffee Roaster, Denton, TX @thepaulbunyan @westoak_coffee

2:22pm Andrew Frohn, Ultimo Coffee, Philadelphia, PA @ultimocoffee

2:34pm Michelle Johnson, Presta Coffee Roasters, Phoenix, AZ @meeshal @prestacoffee

2:46pm Josh Taves, Novo Coffee, Denver, CO @novocoffee

2:58pm Suzy Lippman, Augies Coffee, Redlands, CA @augiescoffee

3:10pm Melissa Calvert, Two Rivers Coffee, Denver, CO @_melissacalvert @tworiverscoffee

3:22pm Nathan Dela Cruz, Daylight Mind Coffee Co, Kailua Kona, HI @daylightmind

3:34pm Tyler Hill, Loyal Coffee, Colorado Springs, CO @thuhtyler

3:46pm Chelsea Rae, The Roost, Lawrence, KS

3:58pm David Castillo, Joe Coffee Co, New York, NY @joecoffeenyc

4:10pm Lorenzo Perkins, Fleet Coffee, Austin, TX @lorenzoperkins @fleetcoffeeco

4:22pm David Fasman, Huckleberry Roasters, Denver, CO @davidfasman @huckleberryco

4:34pm Preston Miller, Ozo Coffee Co, Boulder, CO @ozocoffee

4:46pm Matthew Gasaway, Intelligentsia Coffee, Los Angeles, CA @intelligentsia

4:58pm Talya Strader, Equator Coffee & Teas, San Francisco, CA @equatorcoffees