2014 World Barista Championship: Day Two

53. 4:15 Erika Chagoya LeonGradios!, Mexico

Mexican espresso shots filtered through a Chemex paper? Gradios!

African raised beds used for drying Ms. Leon’s Mexican espressos.


“When you taste your cappuccinos, you will be able to appreciate the body that comes from natural process”–Erika Leon, Mexico.

“Caramel and strawberry” notes in Ms. Leon’s capps — “I love making cappuccinos for my customers.”

“I roasted this coffee myself,” Erika Chagoya Leon tells the crowd at . Get it, Erika Chagoya Leon.

Brown sugar, orange peel, white pepper in Erika Chagoya Leon’s signature drink — “a refreshing sparkling beverage.”

54. 4:35 Jose Luis Herrera MadridCafe Estancia, Honduras

“Strawberry, English Toffee and finally Milk Chocolate” in Mr. Madrid’s cappuccinos.

Honduran Barista Champion Jose Luis Herrera Madrid-7143

Mr. Madrid’s coffee was dried on raised african drying beds for maximum control over the drying process.

This signature drink focuses on temperature, hot, room temperature and cold.

Live Twitter commentary by Jordan Michelman and Alex Bernson. Photography by Eileen P. Kenny. Read Day One here.

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