2014 World Barista Championship: Day Two

31. 8:55 Craig CharityLineage Coffee, South Africa @craigcharity @lineagecoffee

The Guatemala Finca El Zapote uses is a natural-processed geisha dried on African beds for exact fermentation control.

Starting his sigdrink, NO2 charges an infusion of Jasmine flowers and South African flowers. Mmm.

South African Barista Champion Craig Charity-7266

We nearly didn’t get to see ‘s routine, due to customs issues with , glad his equipment finally made it!

So this crazy dripping apparatus on stage is apparently for cold-pressing sugarcane juice for ‘s signature drink?

Serving Jasmine water from South Africa, then cane juice from Guatemala, then espresso, finishes his “cross-contintental” sig drink.

32. 9:15 Natalia OstapyukWorld of Coffee, Ukraine

Coffee is 5 days off roast “to bring the best balance and taste” for Natalia Ostapyuk at .

Natalia Ostapyuk Ukraine Barista Champion-5708

“Dark berries, blueberries, blackberries, honey sweetness, notes of grapefruit skin” in Natalia Ostapyuk’s espressos, and espresso, grapefruit skin, and honey in Natalia Ostapyuk’s sig drink.

33. 9:35 Kushal Kumar BalamiRaw Coffee Company, United Arab Emirates @rawcoffee

Mr. Balami is using a wet-processed Ethiopia Sidama, with a 72hr fermentation soak for a fruity complexity.

A finer grind for boosted acidity in Mr. Balami’s cappuccinos. Boost it!

United Arab Emirates Barista Champion Kushal Kumar-5780

You can read more about , who have been roasting in the UAE since 2007, here:

For his sig drink, Mr Kumal is using a fine Syrian honey, dosed out in–you guessed it–syringes.


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