2014 World Barista Championship: Day Two

47. 2:15 Hidenori IzakiMaruyama Coffee Co., Japan @maruyamacoffee

Hidenori Izaki, Barista Champion of Japan gets started with a massive cheering section, flags, noisemakers, and all .

Hidenori Izaki2

Mr. Izaki worked heavily with Enrique Navarro of the Monte Copey micromill in Costa Rica to develop his coffee.

Mr. Izaki switches to a natural Red Catuai from a washed Typica for his cappuccino course with “chocolate, malt, hint of blackberries.”

Japanese Barista Champion Hidenori Izaki-6750

This routine is full of technical flourishes. Mr. Izaki smoothly swirls ice spheres in the snifter glasses to aerate sig drink before serving.

48. 2:35 Maria Auxiliadora BonillaCafe Don Mayo, Costa Rica @cafedonmayo 

Up next we’ve got Maria Auxiliadora Bonilla, representing Cafe Don Mayo and the nation of Costa Rica  .

Huge roar in the crowd as Ms. Bonilla of is called here at .

Costa Rican Barista Champion Maria Auxiliadora Bonilla-9043

UHHHHH asking the judges to leave their seats and join her at the sig drink prep table. Judges obliging.

We’ve got standing judges here people.

“I need you to choose which of these descriptors is most dominant” Judges getting a kind of choose your own adventure.

Ms. Bonilla yet another competitor using the Mythos 1 grinder at .

A truly impressive enormous contingent of Costa Rican fans here to cheer Maria Auxiliadora Bonilla.

“Ripe orange acidity, brown sugar flavor, creamy body, and chocolate in the aftertaste” for Ms. Bonilla’s espressos.

Costa Rican Barista Champion Maria Auxiliadora Bonilla-9056

Ms. Bonilla’s routine is being anchored by slides on an iPad, linked to phones on each judging station.

Strawberries, nectarines, orange zest, & sugar placed in a steam bath device, glasses placed on top to absorb steam.

Truly, there is a lot going on in this routine from Maria Auxiliadora Bonilla and .

Ms. Bonilla competing w/ coffee from a farm owned by her family? Ms. Bonilla competing w/ coffee from a farm owned by her family.

Costa Rican Barista Champion Maria Auxiliadora Bonilla-9106

Ms. Bonilla’s coffee hails directly from , at their mill, Don Mayo. honey processed, grown amongst jasmine flowers.

Oh and different shots getting different temperature portafilters? Manipulating PF temp to affect shots.

That was a highly complex and ambitious routine from Maria Auxiliadora Bonilla of , the pride of Costa Rica.


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