2014 World Barista Championship: Day Two

44. 1:15 Koray ErdogduMambocino Coffee, Turkey

Mr. Erdogu starts off with some prep for his aromatics-focused sig drink, featuring blackberries and jasmine.

A serious mega-mix of Adele classics going on here for Koray Erdogdu’s routine.

Turkish Barista Champion Koray Erdogdu-6486

Mr. Erdogu uses one white and one red steaming pitcher to transfer and pour his cappuccino milk, in a sharp nod to the Turkish flag.

For his sig drink, Mr. Erdogdu said he wants to bring out the “creamy cheesecake” of his coffee, while preserving bright aromas.

45. 1:35 David Coelho, Independent, Portugal

Mr. Coelho chooses to re-pull his espresso shots–always a tough decision, but very worth it if it helps your sensory scores.

This routine has a gorgeous soundtrack of traditional Portuguese music, “all about how the Portuguese experience the senses.”

Portuguese Barista Champion David Coelho-6558

Syringe day yesterday, dry ice day today! Mr. Coelho cools his sig drink infusion with a dry ice bath.

The infusion contains cinnamon, orange, cardamom, ginger, star anise. Mr. Coelho traps the aromatics with a brand snifter, has judges sniff.

46. 1:55 Michal KocmanCoffee Fusion, Czech Republic

Mr. Kocman begins by caramelizing blackberries and blueberries with sugar using a torch for his sig drink.

He is using two coffees from Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia here at , one natural processed, and one washed.

Czech Barista Champion Michal Kocman-6605

A “thick, honey sweetness” and lots of fruit, “mainly respberries and blueberries” in Mr. Kocman’s espressos.

“This cappuccino is sweet, dense — a little like a blueberry milkshake” — Michal Kocman.

Mr. Kocman combines fruit reductions, jasmine tea & espresso blending natural & washed in delicate tulip snifters for his sig drink.

Excuse us, Mr. Kocmal’s coffees were a Nekisse from Sidama and a Tchembe from Yirgacheffe, roasted by in Prague .


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