2014 World Barista Championship: Day Two

34. 9:55 Coen Van SprangBocca Coffee Roasters, The Netherlands @boccacoffee

Almonds, black currant and cacao in Coen Van Sprang’s espressos.

Dutch Barista Champion Coen van Sprang-5809

Milk from a Red Holstein cow for maximum creamy mouthfeel and sweetness in Mr. Van Sprang’s cappuccinos. We don’t know her name.

A taste of a coffee cherry reduction, followed by an earl grey tea kombucha, for a sig drink all about processing & fermentation.

35. 10:15 Eric KithinjiNairobi Java House Limited, Kenya @nairobi_java

Mr. Kithinji of Kenya is competing here at with a coffee from his homeland–two distinct kinds, including Kenya AA.

Kenyan Barista Champion Eric Kithinji-5853


Mr. Kithinji’s shop, , has no fewer than 19 locations across Nairobi–learn more: .

“Jasmine, black currant and blueberries” in Eric Kithinji’s two-part Kenya espresso blend.

Eric Kithinji shouts out –“it has given me a chance to interact with my coffee, and try out different roast profiles”.

36. 10:35 Yalian WuChu Family Cafe, China

Sprudge doens’t have a account but if someone does, let Chu Family Cafe know we’re blowing up the spot for Yalian Wu!

Chinese Barista Champion Yalian Wu-5947

So efficient–everything from Yalian Wu happens with both hands. super dialed in, conserving space and time, and likely conversing with space and time as well.

“I really love espresso with a silky mouthfeel and complex flavors”–Yalian Wu.

Sig drink: “espresso mousse with the essence of honey”–Yalian Wu is making mousse live on stage! Mousse, people.

Chinese Barista Champion Yalian Wu-5898

Ok but how good does espresso and honey mousse sound? Also where does one buy a 30 second mousse maker? .

For this sig drink, judges stir the mousse into the espresso shot, sip, taste, then sip again.


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