2014 World Barista Championship: Day Two

41. 12:15 Javier GarciaRight Side Coffee Roasters, Spain @rightsidecoffee

Javier Garcia has been developing his project for several years–his cafe near San Sebastian is now open!

Mr. Garcia’s is absolutely a pioneer for progressive coffee in Basque country, and indeed, all of Spain.

Spanish Barista Champion Javier Garcia-6233

Mr. Garcia competes here at with the new Mythos Clima-Pro — learn more:

In what can only be described as a heartbreaking turn of events, Javier Garcia has called time at around 4 minutes into his routine. He would later return to finish his espresso service. 

42. 12:35 Katarzyna Zyzalo, Independent, Poland

Katarzyna Zyzalo chats with her head and technical judges, hands them an info card with everything they need.

A combination of different fermentation lengths gives “an extremely bright but also sweet coffee” and “wine-like complexity”.

Polish Barista Champion Katarzyna Zyzalo-6331

Real competition barista skills on display here: big smiles, no script hiccups and great latte art, despite some shaky hands.

Ms. Zyzalo first chilled her espresso in an ice bath, then added a bit of dry ice to get it super cold and added a tonic sparkle.

Her natural processed Guatemala Pacamara was a big experiment that she said paid off in an incredible complexity.

43. 12:55 Tore OverleirDromedar Kaffebar, Norway @dromedarkaffe

Tore name checks the work being done by in Colombia: doubling picker wages, refining processing, building raised drying beds.

Norwegian Barista Champion Tore Overleir-6361

A relaxing, pastoral soundtrack to start as Mr. Overleir welcomes judges with a V60, and then the beat kicks in as he starts espressos.

High acidity, medium sweetness in the washed Finca Tamana espresso: notes of red currant and rhubarb.

A longer extraction to highlight the sweetness for Mr. Overleir’s cappuccino round, made with high-quality Norwegian milk.

Norwegian Barista Champion Tore Overleir-6412

Mr. Overleir’s sig drink: chilled espresso & sugar, topped with apple juice reduction foam, with apple from a small farm near his hometown.


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