2014 World Barista Championship: Day Two

49. 2:55 Stefan Laurentiu, Barista School, Romania

Whoa we’ve got woodnecks on stage, people! First woodneck of courtesy of Stefan Laurentiu of Romania.


Romanian Barista Champion Stefan Laurentiu-6770

Such a cool technicolor stage setting from Mr. Laurentiu of Romania — bright greens & yellows, striped vessels, vibrant napkins.

Stefan Laurentiu here at using atomic green napkins that only a could love.

Fresh peach & sugar cane water in Mr. Laurentiu’s sig drink, paired with espresso.

50. 3:15 Jose Miguel Echeverria DonisCafe El Injerto, Guatemala @elinjertocoffee 

Mr. Donis is competing today in Spanish. your commentary team does not speak spanish. We apologize for this oversight.

Unfortunately we cannot translate Mr. Donis’ routine for you here on Sprudge Live. We can sincerely recommend .

Guatemalan Barista Champion Jose Miguel Echeverria Donis-6845

The iconic roaster partner in our neck of the woods comes via -read more: 

The helpful translates: “Bourbon for cappucinos, Geisha for sig drinks & espresso – both natural process.”

More from our new best friend “Geisha espresso, Bourbon cascara, lemongrass & cacao for sig drink.”

Mr. Donis brews up that captivating sig drink mixture via the Eva Solo brewer. Learn more:


51. 3:35 Daniel RiveraHacienda San Pedro, Puerto Rico @bici_cafe

Ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Rivera is playing the band Cake as part of his routine. This may be a WBC first.

Puerto Rican Barista Champion Daniel Rivera-6901

Citrus in Mr. Rivera’s espressos & cappuccinos, but the capps yield to a “malty & nutty” flavor.

“With the altitude, we have less fruit in our coffee than those grown in other countries” — Mr. Rivera of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican Barista Champion Daniel Rivera-6933

Sig drink for Mr. Rivera: pink peppercorn, vanilla & coconut flakes, cooled with ice to accentuate the beverage’s acidity.

52. 3:55 Laila GhambariCherry Street Coffee House, United States @cherrystreet @lay_luh 

Ms. Ghambari’s routine here at is a mirror of her 2014 US routine–opening script identical.

United States Barista Champion Laila Ghambari-6987

All three of ‘s coffees are red bourbon, grown and processed by Emilio Lopez Diaz of .

1 part washed coffee, 2 parts natural coffee for ‘s Finca El Manzano espressos from Santa Ana, El Salvador.

You can read a whole lot of information about this routine here — details, farm, pertinent info:

Orange, black cherry, & brown sugar notes in ‘s El Sal espressos. on the assist, roasted by .

United States Barista Champion Laila Ghambari-7026

Cappuccinos “toasted coconut, caramel, with a buttery mouthfeel”, comprised of 1 part washed, 2 parts pulp natural.

Local Italian milk being used by here at . Bummer she couldn’t bring that good stuff from .

Cappuccinos have been “taken a little bit further into the roast” by – “that’s what giving us caramel.”

Sig drink: coffee cherry syrup, dehydrated coffee tree smoke. Here comes the smoke gun…

And now the entire fiera or whatever smells like coffee tree smoke.

“This drink will taste like espresso, but with new depth and complexity”–espresso, smoke, cherry syrup.

United States Barista Champion Laila Ghambari-6954

“I did not get here alone. Thank you so much for being a part of our story.”–  .

Laila Ghambari calls time at 14:57 to much whooping and generally American behavior in the crowd.


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